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U.S. Senator Charles Schumer

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The recession may be over, but many New Yorkers say they still feel a pinch in the pocketbook, paying more for just about everything on stagnant salaries. For many it's another day, another bill. People in high places have heard citizens' cries.

GOP gubernatorial hopeful Rob Astorino has been holding a mirror to citizen sentiments with his campaign mantra.   "We're losing more people to other states than any other state in the country. 400,000 people in the last four years.  We are losing because we have the highest taxes in America. And it's not even close."


A day after Crimea overwhelmingly voted to rejoin Russia in a vote criticized by the West, the focus for United States Congressional leaders is turning toward making sure Russia doesn’t push into the rest of Ukraine.

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy returned from a trip to Ukraine over the weekend with a bipartisan group of eight Senators. The Democrat from Connecticut serves on the Senate’s Committee on Foreign Relations.

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A national airline is gearing up to add Albany International to the list of airports it serves.   Another feather in Senator Chuck Schumer's cap: about a month ago, the Democrat was at Albany Airport promoting the idea of convincing JetBlue to add Albany International to the list of airports it serves. On Monday, Schumer was back at the airfield waving a letter he received from the carrier.    "This letter says - JetBlue is starting service at last here in Albany, in 2015!"

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A registry of stolen cell phones will launch the end of this month. New York U.S. Senator Charles Schumer says the database is intended to crack down on the black market for cell phones. He wants to go a step further, with legislation.

New York’s senior senator recently visited the City of Poughkeepsie police station where he referred to this year’s statistics on cell phone theft.

Captain Steven Minard is with the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department.

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New York U.S. Senator Charles Schumer Monday stood alongside the Hudson River waterfront in Peekskill, calling for the Department of Homeland Security to review riverfront security at the Indian Point nuclear power plant.

New York’s senior senator urged the U.S. Coast Guard, which is under the jurisdiction of the Homeland Security Department, to quarterback the effort to provide a maritime security plan for Westchester County-based Indian Point.

He says federal, state, and local resources in the form of boat patrols are available.

Campaign Mailing Draws Criticism from U.S. Senator

Nov 4, 2013

A closely-watched county executive race in the Hudson Valley has one of New York’s U.S. Senators reacting to what Democrats say is a misleading campaign mailing.

Politicos Talk Casino Gambling in NY

Oct 30, 2013

A New York congressman and his potential opponent have weighed in on whether to allow casino gambling in the state. A U.S. Senator chimes in as well.

On Tuesday, New Yorkers will vote on a ballot proposition about whether to allow up to seven gambling casinos upstate. If voters give the go-ahead a few casinos could be built in the Catskills, in regions represented by Republican Congressman Chris Gibson.

Democrat Sean Eldridge, who in September formally announced a campaign for the nomination to run against Gibson in 2014, is also supportive, but with caveats.

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In the wake of the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard last week that left 12 people dead, New York U.S. Senator Charles Schumer is calling for increased communication between law enforcement and Veterans Affairs medical centers.

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York is calling on major television manufacturers to come up with a uniform standard of security to be used in all new internet and video-enabled televisions that would prevent hackers from spying on consumers.

The new so-called “smart TV’s” feature embedded cameras and microphones like the ones found in new laptop and netbook computers. The sets are sold in stores as “internet ready,” and the devices they contain are capable of being remotely activated.  Therefore, as Schumer says, your TV may be watching YOU!

Execs Respond To Schumer Re: Proposed Utility Merger

May 16, 2013

Several elected officials have raised concerns over the past few months about a proposed utility merger in the Hudson Valley. Among them is U.S. Senator Charles Schumer.  And now top executives of the two companies have responded.

The proposed merger between Canadian energy company Fortis and Poughkeepsie-based CH Energy Group, parent of Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation, has stoked several flames of opposition to and concern about the union. Senator Schumer was in Newburgh and Poughkeepsie earlier this month, urging top brass at both companies to answer questions.

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Last month the U.S. Senate’s so-called “gang of eight” unveiled a bi-partisan federal immigration reform bill, intensifying the debate on what has seemingly always been a controversial national issue. 

Here today to talk about federal immigration reform and S.744 is Brooke Mead, program coordinator at the Berkshire Immigrant Center in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Schumer Wants Answers About CH Energy/Fortis Deal

May 6, 2013
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U.S. Senator Charles Schumer was in the Hudson Valley Friday. New York’s senior Senator says without answers to questions he has raised for some time, he cannot support a proposed utility merger in the Hudson Valley. As he was voicing his concerns, a pair of administrative law judges released a recommended decision about the merger.

The proposed merger is between Canadian energy company Fortis and Poughkeepsie-based CH Energy Group, parent of Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation. And the Democratic Schumer says he has serious concerns.

Schumer Demands Answers Re: Proposed Utility Merger

May 4, 2013
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New York’s senior U.S. senator was in Orange and Ulster Counties Friday saying he will not support a proposed utility merger unless questions are answered.

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U.S. Senator Charles Schumer will be in the Hudson Valley later today to voice what he says are serious concerns with a proposed utility merger, and call for more action.

Senator Schumer Wants NY to Be Home to Hops

Mar 26, 2013
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U.S. Senator Charles Schumer is lending a hand to jumpstart the efforts of a not-for-profit cooperative to produce organic hops for New York’s craft breweries. The New York Democrat says he would like to see a site in Dutchess County become a major hop yard.

Schumer dropped by Dutchess Hops, the core of the cooperative, in Lagrangeville on Monday.

He spoke about how New York in the mid-1800s was a leading producer of hops, but fell victim to changes in climate conditions, blight, and:

U.S. Senator Schumer Visits Hops Farm in Dutchess

Mar 26, 2013
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U.S. Senator from New York Charles Schumer was in the Hudson Valley Monday. He stopped by a farm in Dutchess County, saying he hopes it will become the region’s first major “hop yard”. 

There’s a new cooperative in Dutchess – Hudson Valley Hops. Here’s Schumer.

"It's a not-for-profit co-op whose mission is to bring brewers and farmers together to produce a very high-quality hop for our region."