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  In our Ideas Matter segment we take time just about every week to check in with the state humanities councils in our 7-state region.

Today, we will learn about Farm Values: Civic Agriculture at the Crossroads, a community project of the Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust in Athol, Massachusetts.

The project focuses on the history of six farms in North-Central Massachusetts and culminates at the Public Library in Athol next Thursday, December 10.

We are joined by Cathy Stanton, Senior Lecturer in Anthropology at Tufts University, and Project Director of Farm Values, a project that was funded by Mass Humanities. She joins us to explore the value of examining what we think we know about the history of agriculture in the Northeast and why it is important to understand the history of individual farms.

This Week on The Academic Minute (2015.4.13)

Apr 13, 2015

Monday, April 13
Nancy Gallagher of the University of Maryland analyzes the public perception of the recent nuclear deal with Iran.

Tuesday, April 14
John Lurz of Tufts University discusses physical media through a close reading of Proust.

Wednesday, April 15
The University of Konstanz's Thomas Goetz defines a new type of boredom.  

The Academic Minute for 2015.2.16 - 2.20

Feb 20, 2015

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This Week on The Academic Minute (2015.02.16)

Feb 16, 2015

2015.02.16 - This Week on The Academic Minute

Monday, February 16
Ronald Mallett of UCONN celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Einstein's Theory of General Relativity by exploring the possibility of time travel.

Tuesday, February 17
Ian Hawes of The University of Canterbury profiles the work of his team as they survey the bottom of glaciers using underwater drones.

The Academic Minute for 11.17 - 11.21

Nov 21, 2014

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2014.11.17 - This Week on The Academic Minute

Nov 17, 2014

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Monday, November 17
Jin Montclare of New York University is working to keep us healthy on a molecular level.  

Tuesday, November 18
Shikha Sharma of West Virginia University is fingerprinting isotopes.  

Wednesday, November 19
Kenneth Hugdahl of Norway's the University of Bergen profiles auditory hallucinations.  

The Academic Minute for 9.29 - 10.3

Oct 3, 2014

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9.29.2014 - This Week on The Academic Minute

Sep 29, 2014

This Week on The Academic Minute

Monday, September 29
Dr. William Alex Pridemore of Georgia State University details the connection between incarceration and mortality.

Tuesday, September 30
Dr. Patrick Forber of Tufts University discusses the evolution of spite.

Wednesday, October 1
Rice University's Dr. Kirstin Matthews unravels the complexity of biomedical patents.

The Academic Minute for 8.18-8.22

Aug 22, 2014

Monday, August 18
Stephanie Hinnershitz - Valdosta State Universty  
Asian-American Immigration  

Prejudice is a highly complicated and nuanced concept.

Dr. Jessica Remedios, assistant professor of psychology at Tufts University, examines the perplexing issue of prejudice by taking a look at the variables present in nearly all social interactions.

In today’s Academic Minute, Dr. Marie-Claire Beaulieu of Tufts University discusses how the Internet has increased access to ancient texts. 

Marie-Claire Beaulieu is an assistant professor in the Department of Classics at Tufts University where her teaching and research interests include Greek religion, Epigraphy, Medieval Latin, and digital humanities. She earned her Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Austin.

About Dr. Beaulieu

In today’s Academic Minute, Dr. Steve Hirsch of Tufts University traces the historical roots of the societies based on individualism and collectivism.

Steve Hirsh is an associate professor of classics and adjunct professor of history at Tufts University. His teaching and research interests include the interactions between Greco-Roman civilization and other peoples of the ancient world, and global and comparative approaches to the study of antiquity. He holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University.

In today’s Academic Minute, Dr. Julian Agyeman of Tufts University explores how the concept of spatial justice can strengthen the economy and social fabric of communities.

Julian Agyeman is a professor of urban and environmental policy and planning in the School of Arts and Sciences at Tufts University. As an environmental social scientist, his research examines the complex relationship between humans and the environment. His work has been widely published the he holds a Ph.D. from the University of London.

In today’s Academic Minute, Dr. Peter Levine of Tufts University explores the social importance of active citizenship.

In today’s Academic Minute, Dr. Sam Sommers of Tufts University demonstrates how our behavior is often influenced by the context of our daily lives.

In today’s Academic Minute, Dr. Jose Antonio Mazzotti of Tufts University reveals how the indigenous population of Peru responded to the Spanish conquest of the Andes.

Here is some health advice you probably already know; don’t buy contact lenses at a gas station. But the fact is some people do indeed purchase temporary, decorative contact lenses in gas stations, or costume stores, that can in some cases lead to eye damage and a loss of vision. Dr. Michael Goldstein, the co-director of the cornea and external disease service at the New England Eye Center at Tufts University of Medicine, and an assistant professor of ophthalmology at Tufts, says these decorative contacts, often popular at Halloween can cause serious problems.

Dr. Joseph Auner, Tufts University – Technology and Music

Aug 21, 2012

In today’s Academic Minute, Dr. Joseph Auner of Tufts University explains how musicians have responded to the rapidly shifting technology behind modern electronic instruments.

In today’s Academic Minute, Dr. Christopher Schmidt-Nowara of Tufts University reveals how the institution of slavery came to an end in Latin America.