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Book cover for "American Kompromat"
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Craig Unger is the author of seven books, including the New York Times bestsellers "American Kompromat," "House of Bush," "House of Saud," and "House of Trump, House of Putin." For fifteen years he was a contributing editor for Vanity Fair, where he covered national security, the Middle East, and other political issues. A frequent analyst on MSNBC and other broadcast outlets, he was a longtime staffer at New York Magazine, has served as editor-in-chief of Boston magazine, and has contributed to Esquire, The New Yorker, and many other publications. He also appears frequently as analyst on MSNBC, CNN, and other broadcast outlets.

"American Kompromat: How the KGB Cultivated Donald Trump, and Related Tales of Sex, Greed, Power, and Treachery" tells a story about the dirty secrets of the most powerful people in the world including former U.S. President Donald Trump.

(left) Bob Caprara, owner of Caprara’s Auto Body Shop in Troy, New York (right) Author Dennis Mahoney spoke outside his home in Troy
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After Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol yesterday, resulting in four deaths and several injuries, Congress reconvened and cemented Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential race. WAMC took to the streets today to speak with residents across the Northeast about how the events unfolded.

8/18/20 Panel

Aug 18, 2020
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   The Roundtable Panel: a daily open discussion of issues in the news and beyond.

Today's panelists are WAMC’s Alan Chartock, investigative journalist and UAlbany adjunct professor Rosemary Armao, The Empire Report’s J.P. Miller, and former Associate Editor of The Times Union Mike Spain.

Jim Sciutto is CNN Chief National Security Correspondent and anchor of CNN Newsroom. After more than two decades as a foreign correspondent stationed in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, he returned to Washington to cover the Defense Department, the State Department and intelligence agencies for CNN.

He has a new book out it is entitled "The Madman Theory: Trump Takes on the World."

Sciutto will participate in a live online conversation about Trump's Foreign Policy with Politico reporter and Berkshire Eagle advisory committee member Daniel Lippman on Wednesday, August 19 at 7 p.m. presented by Berkshire OLLI.

The U.S.-Russia relationship has taken another turn.

In today’s Congressional Corner, New York Congressman Paul Tonko, a Democrat from the 20th district, speaks with WAMC’s Alan Chartock.

Judge Rejects Bias Claim, Won't Toss Trump Charity Lawsuit

Nov 24, 2018
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A New York judge has rejected a bid by Donald Trump's lawyers to throw out a state lawsuit that alleges the president disregarded the law in running his charitable foundation and instead used it as a wing of his presidential campaign.

Protesters gather in Plattsburgh's Trinity Park as part of nationwide demonstrations
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Hoping to protect the Mueller investigation, people from Vermont and northern New York joined national protests at 5 p.m. Thursday against President Donald Trump’s installation of Matt Whitaker as Acting Attorney General.

In An Uncivil War, the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent sounds an urgent alarm about the deeper roots of our democratic backsliding—and how we can begin to turn things around between now and 2020.

Sargent says American democracy is facing a crisis as fraught as we’ve seen in decades. Donald Trump’s presidency has raised the specter of authoritarian rule. Extreme polarization and the scorched-earth war between the parties drags on with no end in sight. At the heart of this dangerous moment is a paradox: It took a figure as uniquely menacing as Trump to rivet the nation’s attention on the fragility of our democracy. Yet the causes of our dysfunction are long-running—they predate Trump, helped facilitate his rise, and, distressingly, will outlast his presidency.

The new book is: An Uncivil War: Taking Back Our Democracy in an Age of Trumpian Disinformation and Thunderdome Politics. Joining us today is Greg Sargent.

May Day protesters gather at federal building in Burlington
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Marchers in Burlington demonstrated against the White House’s immigration policies during a May Day March for Dignity yesterday.  The protesters gathered at the Federal Building.


Surrounded by miners at the Environmental Protection Agency, President Donald Trump today signed an executive order that suspends, rescinds or flags for review more than a half-dozen measures that were part of the previous administration’s plan to curb global warming.  One of the most controversial measures, of concern to advocates in the Northeast, is a rollback of the Clean Power Plan.

Trump's Tweets Annotated

Mar 7, 2017


Leonard Cutler
Siena College

In his first major address since being inaugurated last month, President Trump will speak to a joint session of Congress tonight. The Republican is expected to detail his legislative priorities for the coming year. The speech comes at a time of flux in Washington as the upstart White House shakes up the federal government. Dr. Leonard Cutler, an expert on presidential power and intelligence-gathering, is chair of the political science department at Siena College.

The public focus on policymaking at the state Capitol has taken a backseat to the actions of the Trump Administration.  Almost from the minute the new President was inaugurated, his nonstop, frantic pace has captured the nation’s attention.

Vermont Congressman Peter Welch (right) discusses presidential executive order on immigration with Vermont ACLU Executive Director James Lyall (left)
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The debate over the constitutionality of President Trump’s immigration Executive Order flared last night when the acting Attorney General of the United States was fired after refusing to enforce the mandate.  The debate between the Justice Department and the White House was occurring as Congressional Democrats gathered in front of the Supreme Court to protest what New York Senator Charles Schumer called an “inhumane” order.  Among them was Vermont Representative Peter Welch, who earlier in the day was in Burlington condemning the president’s actions.

Vermont Congressman Peter Welch (right) discusses presidential executive order on immigration with Vermont ACLU Executive Director James Lyall (left)
Pat Bradley/WAMC

Congressman Peter Welch expressed his outrage over President Trump’s executive orders affecting migrants and refugees to the United States.

Vermont Mayors Coalition logo
Vermont Mayors Coalition

All eight of Vermont's mayors are calling on President Donald Trump to rescind the executive order that temporarily bans travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries.

UVM students rally for the environment and social justice
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Two hours before Donald Trump was inaugurated as president, students at the University of Vermont held a rally to call for continued environmental protection and progressive social justice policies.

Former New York Congressman Bill Owens was a member of the Appropriations Committee and subcommittees on Defense and Homeland Security during his six years in the House. He now works as an attorney and consultant on U.S.-Canada relations.  The Democrat tells WAMC’s North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley that Canadians are closely watching the transition of government in Washington.


Earlier this week, President-elect Donald Trump tweeted criticism over the F-35 fighter jet program. It caused Lockheed Martin stock to fall 2.5 percent. It also raised some eyebrows in the Northeast. The Vermont Air National Guard is scheduled to begin receiving the fighter jet in 2019.  Supporters of the F-35 say they aren’t worried those plans will change because the tweet raises two very different issues.

Today we’ll take a look at how President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet is shaping up. Who are the Republican’s picks for some of the top spots in the federal government? So far there’s a mix of Trump allies and rivals. Well, we want to hear your thoughts on them. How do you think these appointments will fare? Do the choices make sense for a Trump presidency that is set to work with a Republican-led Congress? What will be some of the signature issues they focus on? We’ll tackle all this with your help. 

Several hundred people are gathered in Burlington, Vermont, Friday afternoon to express their displeasure with the election of Donald Trump as president.

Press, Trump Enter New Era Together

Nov 10, 2016
Prof. David Rubin
Prof. David Rubin

How did the press perform during the presidential campaign, and what will the media landscape look like under President-elect Trump? The complaints against he press include covering style over substance, not enough fact-checking, too many polls, not enough on the issues and too much on the personalities and the candidates' controversy of the day. David Rubin is a professor and dean emeritus of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. As for poll-driven reporting, Prof. Rubin says it depends on how those numbers are used.

Donald Trump campaigns in Plattsburgh April 2016
Pat Bradley/WAMC

Over the weekend, the Trump presidential campaign tentatively scheduled a return visit to Plattsburgh.  But shortly after contracts were finalized the event was postponed.

Donald Trump campaigning in Plattsburgh.
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Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump continued his campaign to win New York’s primary in Plattsburgh on Friday telling an enthusiastic crowd that he expects to win the nomination.

Donald Trump campaigns in Plattsburgh Friday.
Pat Bradley/WAMC

Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump made a campaign stop in Plattsburgh Friday afternoon.

Donald Trump at the Flynn Theatre
Pat Bradley/WAMC

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump will make a campaign appearance in Plattsburgh ahead of the state's April 19 primary.

Donald Trump at the Flynn Theatre
Pat Bradley/WAMC

Donald Trump made a campaign appearance in Burlington Vermont Thursday night.  It’s rare for a presidential candidate to come to Vermont and even more rare for a GOP front-runner to stop by the Green Mountain State.  Yet the leading contender for the Republican nomination, known for his abrasive style, drew hundreds of supporters and opponents to downtown Burlington.

  He’s trying to go from The Donald to The President.

In today’s Congressional Corner, Massachusetts Representative Jim McGovern tells WAMC’s Alan Chartock that he finds Donald Trump’s candidacy confounding.