Fort Ticonderoga
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Fort Ticonderoga has been awarded a federal education grant that will be used to host history workshops for teachers next summer.

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UPDATE 9/11/15: On Thursday evening, the Town Board voted 3-2 to rescind an advisory referendum resolution passed late last month that would have asked for voters' opinion on a plan to relocate the town police station to a town-owned former New York State Armory building.

Mr. Stu Baker was incorrect in his assertion that the town's resolution to bring an advisory referendum was illegal. The move is protected under NYS Town Law, Article 6, Section 81(1)(b) which states: The town board may upon its own motion and shall upon a petition, as hereinafter provided, cause to be submitted at a special or biennial town election, a proposition: 1. In any town:...to purchase, lease, construct, alter or remodel a town hall, a town lockup or any other necessary building for town purposes, acquire necessary lands therefor, and equip and furnish such buildings for such purposes, or to demolish or remove any town building 

The town will now begin a new search for a police station site. Our original story is posted below. 

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The communities along Lake George depend on summer. And this time of year, the miles of inns and hotels along the lake are filling up.

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This Labor Day weekend, the small city of Ticonderoga, New York, will host its first ‘Star Trek’ convention. Conventions dedicated to the 1960s TV series that spawned a pop culture movement have been held around the world for decades, but what makes this event unique is that it’s being held within a complete reproduction of the original series’ set.

Fort Ticonderoga
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Fort Ticonderoga has launched its newly acquired tour boat and is offering weekend excursions on Lake Champlain through the Columbus Day weekend.

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On election day, voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure to allow New York’s legislature to go paperless. Advocates hailed the vote as a victory for the environment, saying it would cut down on waste. But the paper industry disagrees with the message being sent.

The passage of proposition 2, which will allow bills sent to the New York legislature to be distributed online, was heralded by the measure’s leading advocate, Assemblyman James Tedisco.

The Capital Region Republican spoke to WAMC on election night, touting the change’s environmental and financial benefits.

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The Cuomo administration has announced that a state program that provides low-cost power to businesses will help support $100 million in investment at a Ticonderoga paper mill.

Officials gathered Wednesday at International Paper’s Ticonderoga mill to announce that energy supplied to the mill through the ReCharge NY program will allow the mill to make new investments and retain workers.

UPDATE: WANC, 103.9 FM, Ticonderoga Is Back On The Air

Apr 7, 2014

UPDATE:  Engineers have our transmitter at 103.9 FM in Ticonderoga back on the air. Thank you for your patience!