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Jesse Feiler - Emojis

Jul 23, 2019

World Emoji Day was last week. We didn’t want it to go by with notice. However, the day is much bigger than just your favorite emoji. World Emoji Day is a celebration of all emojis. So, we will talk about the power of emojis with our tech guru, Jesse Feiler.

Jesse Feiler helps people and organizations get to know and use new technologies. Projects have included building the page caching module for the Prodigy Web Browser for Mac in the very early days of the Web, location-based apps for iPhone and iOS, as well as books and classes on new technologies. His latest book is “Implementing iOS and macOS Documents with the Files App: Managing Files and ensuring compatibility.”

Jason Weaver/Flickr

Vermont lawmakers have introduced a bill that would increase fines for texting while driving and other distracted driving offenses.

texting while driving

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Traffic Safety Committee is holding public listening sessions to gather input about potential use of the so-called Textalyzer. This technology can detect whether a driver used a cell phone moments before a crash. Backers say it could be a vital tool for law enforcement, but civil liberties advocates have concerns.