Sydney Schanberg

Sydney Schanberg at work in Cambodia.
Dith Pran

(Airs 5/10/18 @ 1 p.m.) WAMC’s Alan Chartock in a 2010 encore conversation with the late Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist Syndey Schanberg and Actor Sam Waterston about the Killing Fields, the movie inspired by Schanberg’s coverage of the civil war in Cambodia during the 1970s. Schanberg was portrayed by the actor Sam Waterston, who earned an Academy Award nomination for the performance. In 2010, the two came together for an interview with WAMC's Alan Chartock, discussing Schanberg's book Beyond The Killing Fields and their lives before, during and after the war (and the movie it inspired).

(Airs 7/14/16) WAMC’s Alan Chartock spoke in 2010 with journalist Sydney Schanberg and actor Sam Waterston, who played Schanberg in the movie The Killing Fields. Schanberg died this week at age 82.