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Rockland County Executive Ed Day delivers COVID briefing October 6, 2020
Courtesy of the Office of Rockland County Executive Ed Day/screenshot WAMC, Allison Dunne

In New York, the Rockland County executive is recuperating after shoulder surgery.

Joe Donahue: Today is my first day at work in over two-and-a-half months. On November 17th, in Dublin, Ireland, I fell down a flight of stairs and suffered a bi-lateral tear of my quadriceps. I still have no real idea what that means. The way I have been explaining it is – you know that song: “The knee bone’s connected to the leg bone?” Well, mine wasn’t. So, I invited the guy who put me back together to be on the program today. He can explain it better, I am sure.

Dr. William O'Connor is a member of the OrthoNY executive committee. Board-certified in orthopedics, he specializes in care of the hip and knee, as well as total joint replacement. He completed a three-month fellowship in trauma at Hospital for Special Surgery, and was co-Director of Trauma at National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda for the first three months of the 2003 war with Iraq, retiring as a Navy Captain.

As a third-year Harvard Medical School student doing a clinical rotation in surgery, Ronald Epstein watched an error unfold: an experienced surgeon failed to notice his patient’s kidney turning an ominous shade of blue.

In that same rotation, Epstein was awestruck by another surgeon’s ability to avert an impending disaster, slowing down from autopilot to intentionality. The difference between these two doctors left a lasting impression on Epstein and set the stage for his life’s work—to identify the qualities and habits that distinguish masterful doctors from those who are merely competent. The secret, he learned, was mindfulness.

In Attending, his first book, Dr. Epstein builds on his world-renowned, innovative programs in mindful practice and uses gripping and deeply human clinical stories to give patients a language to describe what they value most in health care and to outline a road map for doctors and other health care professionals to refocus their approach to medicine.