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The Vermont Mayors Coalition recently announced the issues it wants the state legislature to prioritize this session.

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It took twenty years and numerous legal battles, but the newest WalMart has opened in Vermont.

The state of Vermont is working with officials in St. Albans to sell the existing state office building and build a new state office building in the heart of the city's downtown.

If approved, the plan would bring 200 state workers closer to the downtown restaurants and shops, but it could also prompt the redevelopment of the existing state office building, putting it on the tax rolls, and additional downtown development.

The Vermont Supreme Court has ruled against a county sheriff who sued the city of St. Albans over providing police services to the town of the same name.

Last year, the town of St. Albans decided to replace its law enforcement coverage from sheriff's deputies with police patrols from the adjoining city.

Town officials wanted 24-hour coverage. They felt Franklin County Sheriff Bob Norris was asking for more money than the city was. Norris sued the city, saying the bidding process was so unfair that it killed any competition.