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Someone Else's Dad

Harper Collins

What does it take to be called a genius? If you’ve given that any thought at all you’ve probably come up with some pretty abstract answers and qualifications. But in his new book called “The Hidden Habits of Genius”, Dr. Craig Wright, Professor Emeritus of Music at Yale University, has come up with some fairly concrete criteria for the genius tag. Today on the Best of Our Knowledge, we’ll take a deep dive into the habits of genius.

We’ll also get some advice from someone else’s dad, and spend an Academic Minute teaching in a pandemic.

So you’ve just figured out how to survive in college and now it’s time to take on the business world. That presents a whole new bucket of issues.

Today on the Best of Our Knowledge, we’ll talk about navigating the dos and don’ts of workplace culture for someone just getting started.

See Advice From Someone Else's dad HERE!

We’ll also hear from a history major who decided to travel before jumping into business, and spend an Academic Minute with language and nationalism.