Bryan Griffin: The Myth Of Scandinavian Socialism

May 29, 2019

Confront an advocate for socialism with its dark history, and the deflection will typically be some variety of “What about Norway, Sweden, Finland, or Denmark?”

Dr. Alan Chartock
Eric Korenman

WAMC's Dr. Alan Chartock discusses reports that former White House counsel Don McGahn will not testify before the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday. He also comments on New York Republican Chairman Ed Cox's decision to relinquish control of the party and join President Trump's reelection campaign at the end of his term. 

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria [D-NY-14] in an appearance on Instagram
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When Democrats took control of the House in November’s elections, a New York woman in her 20s quickly became a key voice in the party. But what do voters in the 14th House district think? A new Siena College poll out this week aims to answer that question.

Bryan Griffin: In Support Of The Free Market

Mar 20, 2019

I am going to buck the trend of the latest national discourse, especially that which is coming from the Democratic candidates announcing for President.

Liberals worldwide invoke Scandinavia as a promised land of equality, while most conservatives fear it as a hotbed of liberty-threatening socialism. But the left and right can usually agree on one thing: that the Nordic system is impossible to replicate elsewhere.  
In Viking Economics, George Lakey dispels these myths. He explores the inner-workings of the Nordic economies that boast the world’s happiest, most productive workers, and explains how, if we can enact some of the changes the Scandinavians fought for surprisingly recently, we, too, can embrace equality in our economic policy.

Perhaps listeners have heard about the debate over an economist’s efforts to predict what would occur if Senator Bernie Sanders’ program were enacted.   An economist at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Gerald Friedman, took a look at Senator Sanders’ proposals --- increased spending for infrastructure, free college education at state universities, an expansion of social security, replacing the current crazy-quilt health insurance system with a “Medicare for all” single payer system for health insurance, and numerous expenditures to address the threat of climate change.   All of these expenditure increases would be funded by tax increases that would increase the over-all progressivity of the system, by, in Senator Sanders’ words making the billionaires pay their fair share of taxes.

  From his childhood in factories and fishing boats to his earth shattering sailing adventure as an adult Jack London found himself face to face with the poor and the oppressed where ever he went and he recounted their stories in Gritty Detail. 

Certainly if you ask people about Jack London we tend to remember him as the author of the adventure stories White Fang and The Call of the Wild, but in her new biography Cecilia Tichi contends that Jack London was as much of a public intellectual as he was a writer. He was no apolitical adventurer but a reporter who through fiction and non fiction made no attempt to hide the horrors that he witness. The book is Jack London: A Writer's Fight for a Better America.

Paul Elisha: Socialist!

Dec 18, 2012

The ultra-Right Wing Rat-Pack, who masquerade as role models for an America, they say was founded by an elite corps of individualists, to glorify Christian ideals of morality and promote Capitalist ideas for profitable corporate conquest, has revived an old bugaboo to bamboozle the American electorate into acceptance of their unseemly and unjustified efforts to force it into eternal captivity.  They’ve re-raised the specter of ‘Socialism’!  In the face of truly dire threats like air and water pollution, climate change and global warming, plus mounting numbers of dead and wounded victims of the unchecked and irresponsible sale and use of guns and ammunition, these imperturbable profiteers have resurrected the baseless badge of ‘Socialist’ to pin on any who dare to bare their truly self-serving shenanigans.  From the outset of its pretentious inaugural, as the savior of a special way of life for a special class of societal scions, dedicated to preservation of social separation (the elitist upper-crust – from the ordinary ‘others’) corporate potentates have used every ruse to elaborate the pronounced difference between Capitalists as the creators and dispensers of earnings opportunity and eventual wealth… and those who serve them as the eventual receivers of residual benefits, thus justifying the levying of taxes on their receipt.  In defense of this Capitalist canard, corporate captains have employed legions of legal virtuosi, whose sole goal is to rationalize and define this assertion as fact.  Behind this licit disguise, they have devised and practiced the most flagrant forms of corporate welfare imaginable.  Anything else to the contrary, they have branded as “SOCIALIST!”