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The pandemic could create challenges for emergency relief programs this winter. As WAMC’s Southern Adirondack Bureau Chief Lucas Willard reports, Saratoga County is hoping to provide additional space for Code Blue Saratoga.

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Shelters of Saratoga, a non-profit organization that provides emergency and case-management services to those experiencing homelessness in Saratoga Springs, has named a new executive director for the second time in as many years.

A situation where confidential employee information from the non-profit Shelters of Saratoga was uploaded to the Saratoga Springs city website is being chalked up to human error.

A hotel in downtown Saratoga Springs is now housing the homeless during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Real estate prices in Saratoga Springs, New York have soared over the last several years. The cost of a one-bedroom apartment alone has jumped 78 percent since 2014.

The latest location for an emergency homeless shelter in Saratoga Springs has been selected.

Shelters of Saratoga
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A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the homeless in Saratoga Springs has a new executive director. Shelters of Saratoga provides a variety of services including case management and emergency housing. Karen Gregory comes to Shelters of Saratoga with a diverse background.

Supplies inside a former Code Blue Saratoga shelter
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In the latest development in a long-running dispute, a judge has halted a proposal to construct an emergency homeless shelter in Saratoga Springs after objections from neighbors.

The Saratoga Springs Planning Board on Thursday unanimously granted a special use permit to Shelters of Saratoga and approved the site plan for its Code Blue shelter.

Supplies inside a former Code Blue Saratoga shelter
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The Saratoga Springs Planning Board has delayed a vote on a proposed emergency homeless shelter. 

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Note 2/8/18: A longer version of this story has been uploaded.

A group of Saratoga Springs residents has filed a lawsuit against the city and non-profit Shelters of Saratoga over the recent approval of an emergency homeless shelter.

With colder weather approaching, an emergency Code Blue shelter in Saratoga Springs is returning to a location that faced criticism from nearby residents last year while construction on a new shelter has stalled due to community objection.

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Shelters of Saratoga, the only year-round homeless shelter in Saratoga, Washington, and Warren Counties, has expanded to allow for more room for services and storage.

Supplies inside a former Code Blue Saratoga shelter
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For the last two winters, the Salvation Army has hosted Saratoga Springs’ Code Blue program at its building on Woodlawn Avenue, on the city’s west side.

Supplies inside a former Code Blue Saratoga shelter
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On a recent cold February night, the Saratoga Springs Code Blue program was in full operation. Before the doors opened at 7, a crowd was already waiting outside.

Shelters Of Saratoga

Dec 4, 2015

Harsh winter weather is rapidly approaching and so is the need for homeless shelters to accommodate the number of homeless and people in need of assistance over the upcoming months. Shelters of Saratoga offers valuable homeless services throughout the year for adults and youth through temporary shelter, mobile outreach, youth services and affordable housing.

To sustain and maintain this vital programming, Shelters of Saratoga is holding a series of fundraising events, the next of which is this coming Monday.

Here to tell us more are Michael Finocchi, Shelters of Saratoga Executive Director and Kelvin Davis, Former Shelters of Saratoga Beneficiary. Kelvin is currently employed by SOS as a Monitor.