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Officials say two people are dead after a fire in Sheffield, Massachusetts Wednesday morning.

A brick building with a metal sculpture of a tree with hebrew letters in its boughs
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Even if they can’t gather for services, spiritual leaders across Berkshire County are tending to their congregants in the anxious era of the COVID-19 outbreak.

On Friday, drag queens will flock to Sheffield, Massachusetts to compete in The 2020 Mx. Nogood Berkshire Drag Pageant.

The Berkshire County District Attorney’s office has closed its investigation into the March 2019 quadruple murder-suicide in Sheffield, Massachusetts that sent shockwaves through the community. Now, newly released documents are shedding some light on the family at the center of the tragedy. A warning – the details of this story are upsetting, and may not be appropriate for all listeners.

A 2018 map of the Sheffield Land Trust's holdings
Sheffield Land Trust

A land trust in Sheffield, Massachusetts is holding a trail and property cleanup day Saturday.

a portion of The Colosseum in Rome
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The High Peaks Music Festival brings internationally acclaimed musicians and stars of tomorrow to the Berkshires. "The Grand Italian Tour" is the theme of the tenth edition of the festival which runs from July 23rd - August 2nd presented by Close Encounters With Music and hosted by the Berkshire School in Sheffield, Massachusetts.

The ten-day festival, directed by internationally acclaimed cellist Yehuda Hanani, offers a combination of concerts, lectures and master classes, open to the public and featuring distinguished faculty artists and outstanding young musicians from around the world.

Yehuda Hanani and Michael Wise joined us.

A stack of documents on a manilla envelope
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Unsealed court documents pertaining to an alleged quadruple murder-suicide in Sheffield, Massachusetts reveal grim details about the crime. 

A Southfield, Massachusetts man has been arrested and charged with homicide and operating under the influence after a fatal collision in  Berkshire County.

Andrea Harrington stands at a podium in a law library flanked by law enforcement officials (file photo)
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Berkshire District Attorney Andrea Harrington has provided an update on a believed quadruple murder-suicide in the Town of Sheffield. Luke Karpinski is believed to have killed his wife Justine Wilbur and their three children before setting fire to their home on March 13th.

The family of a woman who died in a plane crash in Ethiopia is holding a memorial service in Berkshire County on Saturday.

The door of the Berkshire District Attorney's office.
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There are new details from the investigation into what authorities say was a quadruple murder-suicide in Sheffield, Massachusetts.

Andrea Harrington stands at a podium in a law library flanked by law enforcement officials (file photo)
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Thursday night, the Berkshire County District Attorney said this week’s fire in Sheffield, Massachusetts is now being investigated as a quadruple murder-suicide.

An Albany law firm has confirmed the identity of one of the deceased people found in a burning Berkshire County home Wednesday.

A Berkshire County Sheriff's Office vehicle blocks access to Home Road in Sheffield.
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Five people are confirmed dead in a Sheffield, Massachusetts fire this morning.

tap water
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The Massachusetts Attorney General’s office is expected to weigh in on a proposed water rate increase of more than 50 percent in Sheffield. 

Facebook: Berkshire Choral International

Berkshire Choral International is bidding farewell to its birthplace after 36 years. Saturday was the group’s last performance in Sheffield, Massachusetts.

Wildflowers at Bartholomew’s Cobble

The second annual Wildflower Festival in Sheffield, Massachusetts is now open to visitors at Bartholomew’s Cobble.

The weekend exhibit runs until September 4 at the Old Stone Store on Main Street in Sheffield, Massachusetts.
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Although it’s home to only about 3,000 people at last count, Sheffield, Massachusetts has the distinction of being the first incorporated town in Berkshire County. And area historians are boasting about a whole lot more.

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The town of Sheffield is celebrating one of its own this Saturday 200 years after he was born in the small Massachusetts community.