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Groups Want NYS To Implement Drug Take Back Act

Sep 3, 2020
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A coalition of environmental, public health and other groups is calling on the New York state Department of Health to implement a drug take-back law signed two years ago. The groups say the lack of safe disposal options for unwanted or expired pharmaceutical drugs not only contributes to the drug abuse epidemic and accidental poisonings at home, but also to water pollution.

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Environmental and community advocates are calling for the immediate repair of a temporary water filtration system at Stewart Air National Guard Base in Newburgh that failed after about a month of use. It was supposed to trap PFOS-contaminated water. The advocates say the system was not equipped to handle the flow in the first place, a concern also shared by New York state officials.

A vote in New York on whether to adopt recommended maximum contaminant levels in drinking water for three chemicals has been postponed a second time because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, clean water advocates say they are disappointed with another delay.

Riverkeeper Water Quality Program Director Dan Shapley
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Although other aspects of the pandemic have gotten more attention, there are questions about how COVID-19 relates to water and sewage. Environmental group Riverkeeper has been looking into whether the virus survives in either and poses a transmission risk. Riverkeeper’s Water Quality Program Director Dan Shapley has been researching the subject. He spoke with WAMC’s Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Allison Dunne.

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With news that a temporary filtration system is back on track at Stewart Air National Guard base, officials are keeping a close eye on the timeline for the project. The remedial measure is supposed to address PFAS contamination.

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Central Hudson is cleaning up the site of a former manufactured gas plant in the City of Poughkeepsie. The remediation is taking place on the shoreline and in the Hudson River. But until there is agreement about plans to protect the river and a drinking water source nearby, the river portion of the cleanup has been delayed.

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The Dutchess and Ulster County executives say they will take legal action in support of New York state’s lawsuit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's decision on General Electric’s Hudson River PCB cleanup. Some cities, towns and villages in the two counties are lending their support as well.

As global climate strikes take place across the region today, another focus of climate change is an unaccounted-for source of greenhouse gas emissions. Hudson River sewage overflows are the culprit, and a new study suggests that stopping water pollution is an untapped strategy to mitigate climate change.

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An interim filtration system at Stewart Air National Guard Base in Newburgh was supposed to be up and running by the end of the summer. The remediation effort is intended to trap PFOS-laden water. The U.S. Department of Defense had committed to the measure in December but environmental groups and state officials have concerns.

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The U.S. Department of Defense is establishing a PFAS Task Force to address contamination at more than 400 military installations and surrounding communities across the nation. Stewart Air National Guard base in Newburgh is one of those places.

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The Nuclear Regulatory Commission held its annual public meeting on the Indian Point plant in Westchester Thursday night. The few who attended had a long list of questions about decommissioning.

An April panel discussion included Judith Enck, the former EPA Regional Administrator, Richard Webster, Riverkeeper’s Legal Director, and Dr. David Walker, a geologist and Catskill resident.

Environmental groups may have sidelined a New Hampshire-based company's proposal to create an incinerator ash dump at a quarry in Catskill, New York.

Courtesy of Wallkill River Watershed Alliance

The Wallkill River Watershed Alliance is holding its fifth annual Wallkill River Summit Thursday night at SUNY New Paltz.

The panel (L to R): Judith Enck, Richard Webster, David Walker.

Locals packed a meeting in Catskill, New York this week to discuss an incinerator toxic ash dump proposed for an abandoned quarry on U.S. Route 9W.

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More than 50 environmental and community groups have joined forces in opposition to a proposed incinerator ash dump in Catskill.

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Officials from the Department of Defense will be in Newburgh next week. They will visit Stewart Air National Guard base and then hold a public forum about the PFOS water contamination emanating from the base.

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers returned to Poughkeepsie Wednesday to give an update about conceptual plans to manage storm risk for the New York and New Jersey Harbor tributaries, including the Hudson River. And while there are some more details on the plans, there is still a long way to go.

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New York state’s new budget passed overnight Sunday into Monday includes $500 million in clean water infrastructure. Environmentalists say that while they appreciate the allocation, it’s just a dent in the state’s water infrastructure needs. State officials say it builds on New York’s historic $2.5 billion investment.

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One of the reactors at the Indian Point nuclear power plant in New York is offline. The unexpected shutdown comes as the other unit is also offline for a scheduled refueling outage.

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New York state is launching a new initiative to protect drinking water —and looking for volunteers to take part. A leading environmental group welcomes the news.

DoD Officials Visit Newburgh Re: PFOS Contamination

Nov 19, 2018
WAMC, Allison Dunne

Senior level officials from the Department of Defense were in Newburgh Thursday, where they held a public forum on the PFOS water contamination. It was the first time since the crisis took hold more than two years ago that DoD officials met publicly with residents, who say they were hoping for more concrete action.

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An environmental group in the Hudson Valley has released a study on the risks of oil spills in the Hudson River. Scenic Hudson commissioned the study that looks at threats at nine locations between Yonkers and Albany.

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently extended the comment period a second time for plans to manage storm risk in New York and New Jersey. Still, some local officials say it’s not enough. And one state senator is renewing his call for the Army Corps to hold a public session in Westchester County.

Indian Point Unit 3 Is Shut Down To Fix A Leak

Sep 12, 2018
WAMC, Allison Dunne

Unit 3 at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant in Westchester County was shut down late last week after a plant operator found indications of a leak. Officials say the small leak could have affected parts of a safety injection system. A constant critic of the plant says it’s just the latest in a long line of issues over the years.

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers delivered a presentation in Poughkeepsie Wednesday to a packed room at a community center. Army Corps officials spoke about six conceptual plans to manage storm risk for an area that includes the Hudson River. Environmental groups are concerned.

NRC Issues Final EIS Supplement For Indian Point

Jun 5, 2018

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued a final supplement to its Environmental Impact Statement regarding New York’s Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant. Included are plans to monitor two species, one in the Hudson River.

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A plan to remove a dam and drain a lake in Ulster County continues to be controversial.

Annual Riverkeeper Sweep Is Saturday

May 4, 2018
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The seventh annual Riverkeeper Sweep takes place Saturday. There will be a focus on reducing plastic waste.

NRC, NYS Discuss A Repair At Indian Point

Apr 13, 2018
WAMC, Allison Dunne

Safety at the soon-to-be shuttered Indian Point nuclear power plant in Westchester County was the subject of a public conference call Thursday with officials from New York state and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. At issue was a repair at one of the reactors. The NRC had approved the method of repair and says there is no safety significance. But the state wants a written safety evaluation after raising questions about the method and longevity of the repair.

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Three elected officials joined an environmental group Monday in calling on the New York state Department of Environmental Conservation to revoke or suspend an essential permit for a natural gas power plant in Orange County. At the same time, they voiced concern about the health and safety of area residents during the testing phase of the plant.