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The coronavirus pandemic has altered life for many people and businesses, including the grocery industry. WAMC's Jim Levulis spoke with Mona Golub of the Golub Corporation, which operates about 130 Price Chopper, Market 32 and Market Bistro stores throughout the Northeast, about what the recent past has been like.

Jane Golub
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An influential Capital Region woman is being remembered as a trailblazer in business and philanthropy.

At the ninth annual Capital Region Canstruction design/build competition, talented teams of architects, designers, builders, engineers, and college and university students will join forces to create innovative “Disney”-inspired structures, featuring scenes from Disney classics, modern day favorites and all including a little bit of magic.

The structures will be made entirely of canned food, instead of bricks, stone, glass and other traditional building materials. Benefitting The Food Pantries for the Capital District, these structures will be on display at the New York State Museum March 27-April 10.

This year’s participants are challenged to break a local record of 104,000 pounds of food collected in addition to monetary donations to support local food pantries. To tell us more – we welcome Natasha Pernicka, Executive Director at Food Pantries for the Capital District and Sara Stein, President of Capital Region Canstruction and Architect at EYP.

WAMC's David Guistina speaks with Miles Reed, Editor of The Daily Gazette, about a dirt bike stunt in a Schenectady, New York grocery store. The pair also discuss the Thriving Neighborhoods Challenge in Schenectady.

Report: Price Chopper On The Block For $1 Billion

Nov 30, 2016
Facebook: Price Chopper Supermarkets

One of the region’s best known companies may be sold. The Reuters News Agency is reporting that talks are underway that could lead to the sale of Price Chopper supermarkets to Albertsons, a national chain. 


The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation says 820 undersized lobsters were seized from Price Chopper’s Schenectady distribution center after an inspection Tuesday.

This is a picture of a Berkshire Regional Transit Authority bus
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The regional transit authority is answering calls to shift a bus route in response to the closure of the Price Chopper grocery store in North Adams.

Berkshire Interfaith Organizing

Update: Berkshire Interfaith Organizing lead organizer Wendy Krom says the group received a letter from Neil Golub of the Golub Corporation.

“We’re very pleased with his response,” Krom said. “It was a very personal and cordial letter. He said that this issue has his personal attention and that he will keep us as informed as he realistically can and that they are making every reasonable effort to secure a food outlet for that location. We applaud his response.”

An interfaith community group is urging the owners of the shuttered North Adams Price Chopper to offer the building to an organization that will provide healthy food.

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The Price Chopper supermarket in North Adams will close at the end of February. The store, which opened in 1959, employs 57 people.

Facebook: Price Chopper Supermarkets

One person was sent to the hospital after a trellis fell at a Pittsfield Price Chopper Tuesday morning.

Jim Levulis / WAMC

Berkshire Health Systems has partnered with Price Chopper to open a walk-in care center in the supermarket’s Hubbard Avenue location currently being renovated in Pittsfield. Its part of the supermarket’s strategy as it rebrands itself as Market 32.

Jim Levulis / WAMC

Berkshire Health Systems has partnered with Price Chopper to open a walk-in care center in the supermarket’s Hubbard Avenue location currently being renovated in Pittsfield.

One of the most quoted lines from William Shakespeare is his enduring question "What's in a name?" from Romeo and Juliet. The Bard apparently knew what he was talking about when it comes to corporate branding and supermarkets. This week, the Golub Corp. announced that its 134 Price Chopper stores in the region would change to Market 32 to reflect evolving customer needs. CEO Jerry Golub tells WAMC News how the change came about after 41 years as Price Chopper.

Price Chopper's New Brand And Name: Market 32

Nov 12, 2014

A major chain of grocery stores around the Northeast will start to see changes over the next five years. Yesterday, the Golub Corporation unveiled the new branding, banner, and name of its of Price Chopper stores.

Price Chopper Unveils New Name: Market 32

Nov 11, 2014

One the region’s biggest grocery chains is getting a new name. The Golub Corporation unveiled a $300 million investment, new banner, and branding of its Price Chopper Stores Tuesday.

Salad Bars Are Donated To Two Newburgh Area Schools

Oct 9, 2013
WAMC/Allison Dunne

Two schools in New York are the latest recipients of donated salad bars. The two Newburgh-area schools are now part of a national effort supported by First Lady Michelle Obama to help kids make healthy choices.

Rare Lobsters Found in New York Supermarkets

Jul 2, 2013
Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

Five rare, orange lobsters turned up at Price Chopper supermarkets in New York this week, including one in the Hudson Valley and another in the Capital Region. WAMC’s Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Allison Dunne reports on the unusual occurrence and what will happen to the crustaceans.

A war of words has broken out between the State Attorney General's office and a regional grocery chain.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has announced an agreement with Price Chopper that will require the grocery store chain to change the way it advertises and promotes its coupons in New York State and pay a $100,000 penalty.  Schneiderman's office conducted an investigation which revealed that Price Chopper advertised its stores accepted double coupons but failed to disclose important restrictions that applied to that policy.

The Schenectady Museum is undergoing a major change. Plans have been announced for the museum to become The Learning Center. Heading the effort is Neil Golub, the executive chairman of the board of Price Chopper supermarkets, who says there will be two main interactive science programs; the Exploratorium and the Challenger Learning Center. He spoke with WAMC’s Brian Shields.