New York State Drinking Water Council

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New York state’s Drinking Water Quality Council has issued what it considers to be safe levels for exposure to toxic chemicals including PFOAs and PFOS that have been found in high quantities in some of New York’s drinking water supplies. Supporters say Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration now needs to quickly take action to implement standards that they say are long overdue.

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The New York State Drinking Water Quality Council is scheduled to meet on December 18.

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New York state’s Drinking Water Quality Council met this week to discuss recommending maximum contaminant levels for three emerging contaminants, including PFOA and PFOS. Council members are slated to issue recommendations at their next meeting before the end of the year. Council members have been reviewing scientific studies as well as the actions of other states. Meantime, affected residents and environmentalists say setting the levels is long overdue.

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Created in the wake of several high-profile contamination crises, New York's new Drinking Water Council is preparing to hold its first meeting.