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The New York State Bar Association says the FBI should investigate allegations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh.

Sharon Stern Gerstman
Sharon Stern Gerstman

Groups that often find themselves on opposite sides of political debates have come together this year to oppose a constitutional convention in New York. The group New Yorkers Against Corruption includes the NYS Conservative Party, a number of labor unions, Right to Life, Planned Parenthood, and local GOP and Democratic party chapters. But the New York State Bar Association is urging New Yorkers to vote "yes" on the issue this election day. Bar Association President Sharon Stern Gerstman explains the group's thinking.

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New York State Bar Association


Legal assistance for poor New Yorkers, requirements that more police interrogations be videotaped and a push to encourage voter participation are among the New York State Bar Association's priorities for 2016.

An Albany attorney recently took office as the president of the New York State Bar Association. David Miranda, a partner at the intellectual property law firm of Heslin, Rothenberg, Farley and Mesiti, took over June 1. Miranda spoke with WAMC News about several issues facing the bar, including a new agreement between the District Attorneys Association and the Innocence Project on legislation to regulate the videotaping of police interrogations.

New York's anti-corruption commission that's asking state lawmakers to reveal private law clients has the backing of the state Bar Association, which says attorney-client privilege doesn't bar the disclosure required in 20 other states.

The New York State Bar Association argues the names often are already in public court records; they're just not collected in a place for the public and ethics enforcers to see.