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New York criminal justice reform

New York State Senate Minority Leader John Flangan
Karen DeWitt

The fight over New York’s recently enacted bail reform heated up at the Capitol Tuesday, with dueling events by police and activists that at times centered on charges of racism surrounding a Facebook page that calls for the law to be repealed.

NYS Senate Minority Leader John Flanagan speaking with Karen DeWitt
Dan Clark

Republican state lawmakers will be holding roundtable forums around the state to discuss the fallout from New York’s criminal justice reforms which on January 1 ended most forms of cash bail for nonviolent crimes.

New York state Capitol
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Among some top New York Democrats, there are some cracks in the support for criminal justice reforms in 2020 that have eliminated most forms of cash bail. Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, and the state’s attorney general are among those now saying they are open to making some changes. 

From left to right: NYCLU's Nicole Triplett, New Yorkers United for Justice's Khalil Cumberbatch, Citizen Action of New York's Erin George, and Citizen Action of New York's Amy Jones
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Advocates for criminal justice reforms set to take effect on January 1st in New York are speaking out against the backlash from several upstate officials.

New York State Capitol
Karen DeWitt

New York law enforcement groups have pushed back against criminal justice changes that take effect in January, including the end to most forms of cash bail. But the advocates who fought for the changes say they are long overdue and will restore fairness to the system. 

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Law enforcement officials, local district attorneys and state lawmakers are among those trying to stop criminal justice reforms due to take effect in the new year. Now, Republican New York State Senator Jim Tedisco and Democratic Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara have introduced a bill seeking to amend upcoming bail reforms.

Freeport Mayor Robert Kennedy speaking at the NYCOM meeting in Albany
Karen DeWitt

Mayors across New York are the latest to express concerns about the bail reform and other criminal justice changes that take effect in January. The mayors say they don’t have the resources or the money to properly carry out the new laws.

Saratoga County D.A. Karen Heggen, Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo and State Senator Jim Tedisco.
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New criminal justice laws will be on the books in New York next year. But several Saratoga County state and local Republican officials are pushing for a delay.

FILE: Orange County DA David Hoovler
Karen DeWitt

A new law that takes effect in New York in January will give people accused of crimes more tools to mount a defense in court. But the state’s district attorneys say changes to what’s known as the discovery laws will be costly and hard to implement.  

The state capitol in Albany
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New York lawmakers say it’s likely they will vote soon to end cash bail and make other changes to help defendants who they say are unfairly treated in in the state’s criminal justice system.