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Molly Gray
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On Tuesday night, Vermont voters elected Molly Gray as the state’s next Lieutenant Governor.  The current assistant attorney general had never run for office but garnered a number of high-profile endorsements including from Senator Patrick Leahy, Congressman Peter Welch, former Governor and Ambassador Madeline Kunin and former Governor Peter Shumlin.  She defeated Republican businessman Scott Milne, who had twice run for office, and the outcome between the two was the closest among the state’s top races. On Wednesday morning Molly Gray told WAMC North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley following the election results was a rollercoaster but a very special night.

Scott Milne (file)
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A  Republican who ran unsuccessfully for Vermont governor in 2014 is running for lieutenant governor.

Patrick Leahy (left) and Scott Milne
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Vermont’s Patrick Leahy is the most senior member of the U.S. Senate. First elected in 1974 he was the first Democrat the state ever sent to the Senate. Now seeking his 8th term Leahy is being challenged by a Republican who has never held elective office and three minor party candidates.

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Neither of the two top Republicans seeking office in Vermont this fall agrees with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump that this fall's vote could be compromised by voter fraud.

Scott Milne

The Pomfret businessman who almost beat the incumbent Vermont governor two years ago is heading into an even bigger race this season, hoping to unseat Democratic U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy.

Scott Milne

Republican Scott Milne has made it official. He's looking to unseat the U.S. Senate's longest-serving member, Vermont Democrat Patrick Leahy.

Brandon Riker
Riker for Vermont

The campaigns for Vermont’s key offices are shifting as candidates see the end of the legislative session on the horizon and primary deadlines looming.

Former Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin
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Legislators were busy at the Statehouse in Montpelier Thursday.  A joint session of the House and Senate formally elected the governor in the morning and in the afternoon met again to hear the inaugural address.

Scott Milne

Scott Milne, the Republican candidate for governor of Vermont, says he'd have an administration up and running quickly if he's elected by the Legislature this week.

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin says he'd like to see an amendment to the state Constitution under which a statewide candidate who wins a plurality over 40 percent is deemed elected. for Governor

Governor Peter Shumlin says he will not be campaigning in the days leading up to the special January 8th  vote in which the Legislature picks Vermont's next governor. for Governor

Depending on who you ask, the Vermont gubernatorial campaign was either decided in November or is still up for grabs. Because no one received 50 percent of the vote, the state Constitution requires the Legislature to choose the winner when it convenes in January. A new ad campaign is starting today that hopes to convince legislators to elect Republican Scott Milne over incumbent Peter Shumlin, even though Shumlin got more of the popular vote. for Governor

The second-place finisher in Vermont’s gubernatorial race says he will ask the legislature to elect him governor instead of the incumbent who received more votes. for Governor

In Vermont’s gubernatorial election, no candidate received more than 50 percent of the vote. The state Constitution requires in such cases that the Legislature then choose a winner when it convenes in January. While at the Statehouse in Montpelier, WAMC’s North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley spoke with some of the key players as the legislative vote looms.

Scott Milne

Vermont Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Milne is still saying he may ask lawmakers for their votes when the Legislature convenes in January and elects a governor for the next two years.

Scott Milne

Republican Vermont gubernatorial candidate Scott Milne is not requesting a recount of last week's election results, but he is leaving open the possibility of asking the legislature to elect him in January. But considering party makeup in Montpelier, that’s considered a long shot — and would go against tradition in the Green Mountain State. for Governor

Vermont Republican legislative leaders say their party members can vote their consciences in the upcoming balloting to choose the next governor.

Scott Milne

Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Milne appears to be backing away from pre-election statements that he would concede the race if incumbent Democratic Governor Peter Shumlin won a plurality but did not get more than 50 percent of the vote. for Governor

It was a twist no one expected. Vermont two-term incumbent Governor Peter Shumlin was widely expected to trounce six challengers on election day. But the night dragged on, Tuesday turned to Wednesday, and still: no resolution. Now the race goes to the Legislature in January after the Republican challenger came remarkably close to winning. for Governor

Two of the seven candidates running for Vermont governor met in a televised debate Wednesday night. Incumbent Democrat Peter Shumlin faced off against Republican Scott Milne in an acerbic exchange. for Governor

Democratic Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin says his Republican challenger Scott Milne has it wrong when he says he wants to be a "boring" leader who doesn't want to make big changes.

Vermont Statehouse
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The candidates from Vermont’s four major parties running for governor met Tuesday evening to debate.

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin kicked off his reelection campaign this week, vowing to continue his commitment to take the state down a progressive path.

Scott Milne

Republican Scott Milne has formally launched his campaign for Vermont governor, accusing incumbent Democratic Governor Peter Shumlin of a radical style of governing and promising a more moderate approach.