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    Massachusetts marijuana industry regulators are weighing public comments as they set rules that would allow for home delivery and the opening of so-called “cannabis cafes.”  

Public comment is being sought in Massachusetts on proposed regulations for home delivery and social consumption of marijuana.

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                   A new glossy magazine has launched that plans to cover the cannabis industry in Massachusetts.


      In the intense competition to get licensed to sell recreational marijuana in Springfield, Massachusetts, one company is hoping historic preservation gives it an edge.

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With public schools in Massachusetts and elsewhere coming up on spring breaks, a national public health campaign is urging parents to use the time to talk to children about underage drinking and drug use.

    The largest city in western Massachusetts is moving closer to accepting applications from people who want to open recreational marijuana stores.


     While new recreational marijuana stores continue to open across Massachusetts, it is likely to be months before the first cannabis shop opens in the largest city in western Massachusetts.


    It is an historic day in Massachusetts, as it became the first state on the East Coast where recreational marijuana is being legally sold.   There were big crowds as the first two pot stores opened.


     More than two years after voters in Massachusetts legalized marijuana for recreational use by adults, the first retail pot stores will open Tuesday morning.

    As the largest city in western Massachusetts readies for the arrival of legal marijuana retail stores, there is a move to help people who were harmed when selling pot was a crime.

    A moratorium on marijuana stores in the largest city in western Massachusetts has been extended until the end of November. 

It has been a slow rollout to the legal marijuana business in Massachusetts.  It will likely be many months before people can legally purchase pot in the largest city in western Massachusetts.

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       As they prepare to vote on zoning regulations for recreational marijuana stores, a delegation of city councilors from Springfield, Massachusetts took a fact-finding trip to Denver, Colorado.

Starting July 1st, the sale of marijuana will be legal at licensed stores in Massachusetts.  But there won’t be any pot shops open then – or likely for many months after that date – in the largest city in western Massachusetts.

   Massachusetts reaches a milestone today in the introduction of the legal marijuana industry to the state. 

    A final set of regulations has been written to govern the burgeoning marijuana industry in Massachusetts.  It sets the stage for the start of retail pot sales on July 1st.   But it is unknown how many marijuana stores will open in the state then and where.

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      Retail marijuana sales will be legal in Massachusetts this July and cities and towns are scrambling to get ready with local regulations. 

   A public hearing is scheduled tonight on a proposal that could keep retail marijuana stores out of the third largest city in Massachusetts until the end of the year.

   The top federal prosecutor in Massachusetts Monday offered no assurances that he will take a hands-off approach to legalized pot.

      The top federal prosecutor in Massachusetts Monday offered no assurances that he will take a hands-off approach to legalized pot.

   A bill to overhaul the voter-approved marijuana law in Massachusetts is on Governor Charlie Baker’s desk.  With his expected signature, the clock will start ticking toward legal retail marijuana sales in Massachusetts beginning in less than one year.

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The Massachusetts House is set to debate proposed changes to the voter-approved law that legalized recreational use of marijuana by adults.

      A divided legislative committee today voted on a bill that would make extensive changes to the voter-approved marijuana law in Massachusetts.

     State legislators in Massachusetts plan to vote this week on legislation that would make extensive changes to the voter-approved marijuana law.

      Massachusetts voters may have decided last November to legalize recreational marijuana, but opponents of the pot industry are not giving up.


    A legislative committee looking into possible changes to the voter-approved Massachusetts marijuana law heard appeals from law enforcement, public health advocates, local government officials, and legalization proponents at a hearing in western Massachusetts last night.

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      A legislative committee that is considering changes to the voter approved law legalizing recreational marijuana in Massachusetts is holding a public hearing today in West Springfield.

   Adults in Massachusetts can legally possess small amounts of marijuana for personal use, and even grow up to a dozen plants at home.  But, it may be a while before people can go to a store in their neighborhood to purchase pot products.

       Massachusetts on Thursday began a new era of legalized marijuana.

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Recreational marijuana is becoming legal in Massachusetts. Legal, but not readily available.