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Lake Memphremagog

Quebec officials are asking Vermont to notify them of any contamination in a cross-border lake following reports of a sewage leak in September.

An organization that focuses on international water issues between the United States and Canada is recommending that the state of Vermont and province of Quebec work together to prevent algae blooms in Lake Memphremagog, which straddles the border.

View of Lake Champlain from Plattsburgh southeast towards Vermont
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Vermont’s senior U.S. senator was at the ECHO-Leahy Center for Lake Champlain in Burlington recently to announce renewed and increased funding to cleanup Lake Champlain.

A Quebec municipal group has called for a study on the impact of a plan to expand Vermont's largest landfill.

The Northern Star tour boat
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A Vermont tour boat could be sold to a nonprofit group to keep it plying the waters of Lake Memphremagog along the U.S.-Canadian border.

Starry Stonewort
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A state official wants to close access to a cove off Lake Memphremagog in northern Vermont to prevent an invasive plant species from spreading.


Vermont State Police have resumed their search for a man believed to have fallen through the ice on a lake while using a tractor to move an ice shanty.

Police say divers have searched Lake Memphremagog in Newport Center for 53-year-old James LeBlanc of Newport but are experiencing difficult conditions due to cold temperatures and murkiness at the lake bottom.

Police received a report about 7:30 Saturday evening of an ice shanty and tractor going through the ice. Police later determined it was likely that a man went into the lake, as well, and did not resurface.

A Lake Champlain cruise boat is getting a new home on another Vermont lake.

The boat Northern Star was taken out of the water Monday in Burlington and moved by truck to Newport on Tuesday where it is waiting to move into its new home, Lake Memphremagog.

Owner-Captain Chris Johansen formerly captained the Newport Princess, a small tour boat on Lake Memphremagog.

The Caledonian Record reports Johansen worked for other tour lines on Lake Champlain before deciding to bring a large charter cruise boat to Newport.

A contractor that had hoped to have a key Vermont bridge fully renovated by year's end says the structure is going to stay closed a bit longer.

The contractor says it ran into unexpected problems recently involving the support structure and soil at the Veterans Memorial Long Bridge in Newport.

The bridge over Lake Memphremagog closed in 2010 for repairs. The closing meant lost access from Newport to a major east-west truck route. It connects to Western Avenue and the Interstate 91 access road.