Judith Clark

Dr. Alan Chartock
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WAMC's Dr. Alan Chartock comments on the expected release of a redacted version of the Mueller report today, and reports that White House lawyers and officials from the Department of Justice have already discussed it. He also addresses a new "tactical guided weapon" test-fired by North Korea, and the release of 1960s radical Judith Clark on parole.

Justice Scales
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Former radical activist Judith Clark was granted parole Wednesday after serving more than 37 years behind bars for her role as getaway driver in a 1981 Brink's armored truck robbery that left two police officers and a security guard dead.

The New York State Parole Board Friday denied parole for Judith Clark, the getaway driver in the failed 1981 Rockland County Brinks armored car robbery that left three law enforcement officers dead.

NYS Senator Opposes Parole For Judith Clark

Jan 4, 2017

A state senator from the Hudson Valley is urging a parole board to reject an inmate’s application for early release. This comes after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo last week commuted the inmate’s sentence, rendering her eligible for parole.