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Joe Coffey

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An insert that arrived in Albany homeowners' mailboxes with the annual water bill caused some concern about lead.

The city of Albany has 317 miles of water pipes, some of which are more than 135 years old, necessitating occasional repairs and upgrades to guarantee the delivery of clean water and removal of waste and storm water.

Albany Water Commissioner Joe Coffey says Alcove Reservoir, in place since 1929, is one of the best municipal water supply sources in the Northeast.

But some houses in the city are served by old lead lines.

Alcove Reservoir Dam
Albany Water Dept.

Albany's municipal water system made it through the worst of the pandemic without a hiccup.

When it was completed the Lincoln Park pool was one of the largest municipal pools in country and a model by which all others would be judged.

Plans to revitalize Albany’s landmark Lincoln Park are moving forward.

Anti-Bioswale lawn signs along Albany's Ramsey Place [INSET: street resident Ed Vining]
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Residents of one Albany neighborhood are trying to scuttle plans to build a bioswale on their street.

Toxics Targeting, Inc.

An environmental database company says toxic algae threatens public recreational and drinking water sources around New York. 

WAMC photo by Dave Lucas

Today at Albany City Hall, Mayor Kathy Sheehan joined city Water Department Commissioner Joe Coffey and representatives from The Nature Conservancy to announce a new carbon agreement.