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Town Of Great Barrington

The Great Barrington, Massachusetts selectboard has tabled an open letter from community members aimed at rebutting a controversial pro-herd immunity declaration named after the town. 

Book covers for books listed below on this page /

      This week's Book Picks lists comes from Julia Hobart from The Bookloft in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. 

"Killer, Come Back to Me" by Ray Bradbury
"We Keep the Dead Close" by Becky Cooper
"Black Sun" by Rebecca Roanhorse
"Ring Shout" by P. Djèlí Clark
"The Lost Spells" by Robert MacFarlane & Jackie Morris
"Everything Sad is Untrue" by Daniel Nayeri
"The Burning: The Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921" By Tim Madigan
"Unrestricted Access" by James Rollins
"Why Didn't We Riot?: A Black Man in Trumpland" by Issac J. Bailey

Online event: Saturday, November 7 at 4 p.m. - Noé Álvarez, author of the new book "Spirit Run: A 6,000-Mile Marathon Through North America's Stolen Land"

The Great Barrington Town Seal
Town Of Great Barrington

A selectboard member in Great Barrington, Massachusetts is presenting an open letter to a conservative think-tank tonight, rebutting the conclusions of a declaration it released this month named after the Berkshire community. The letter is being heard at tonight’s selectboard meeting, which begins at 6. As WAMC reports, the Great Barrington Declaration has garnered international criticism.

As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection.
The Great Barrington Declaration /

An argument for herd immunity in response to the COVID-19 pandemic reached in Great Barrington, Massachusetts has led to international criticism and local dismay.

The Great Barrington Town Seal
Town Of Great Barrington

A Berkshire County golf pro was killed by a falling tree during a storm in Great Barrington, Massachusetts Wednesday.

A white church building
Clinton Church Restoration /

This weekend, the Triplex Cinema and Berkshire International Film Festival are presenting a movie series titled “W.E.B. Du Bois to George Floyd: 150 Years of Resistance.” Four documentaries about famous African American activists, thinkers and social movements will be screened live and online, with a portion of the streaming cost going to the Clinton Church Restoration project. WAMC Berkshire Bureau Chief Josh Landes spoke with Dr. Frances Jones-Sneed from the CCR’s board of directors about the effort to restore the historic Black church in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and how the film series plays into its larger mission to restore local Black narratives to the public consciousness.

A crushed stone path runs along a wooden fence in the woods.
Jason Todd Saldaña / Great Barrington Land Conservancy

A land conservancy in Great Barrington, Massachusetts is preparing to open a new trail next week.

Arlo Guthrie and Alan Chartock.

Some of the most hard hit folks in this pandemic are those in the arts. Theaters, concert halls, and many cultural offerings are suffering great financial hardship without an audience to attend in person. That also goes for the Guthrie Center in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

The Guthrie Center at the Old Trinity Church was founded by Arlo Guthrie to honor the legacy of his parents, Woody Guthrie and Marjorie Mazia-Guthrie. The Guthrie Center seeks to cultivate cultural preservation, promote educational achievement and foster community outreach to meet the ongoing needs of the community. However, since the pandemic began, the Guthrie Center has struggled to keep up financially.

Four ballots - one pink, one blue, one green, and one purple - are attached to a wall.
Josh Landes / WAMC

As Massachusetts prepares for in-person voting in Tuesday’s primary, town and city clerks around Berkshire County have already seen unprecedented turnout through mail-in and early balloting.

The Great Barrington Town Seal
Town Of Great Barrington

As an airport in Great Barrington, Massachusetts seeks a special permit to expand, some residents are speaking out against the environmental impact of the project.

The Great Barrington Town Seal
Town Of Great Barrington

As the long-serving police chief of Great Barrington, Massachusetts prepares to step down, the town is forming a committee to select his replacement.

A map of Massachusetts with various municipalities in different colors.
Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency

Thousands are still without power in Berkshire County in the wake of Hurricane Isaias.


   This week's Book Picks lists comes from Giovanni Boivin from The Bookloft in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. 


“When These Mountains Burn” by David Joy - pub date 8/18/20 “Rules for Being Dead” by Kim Powers - pub date 8/4/20
“Survivor Song” by Paul Tremblay (out now)
“Extraordinaries” by t.j.klune (out now)
“The Ruin” and “The Scholar” by Dervla McTiernan
“The Girl and the Ghost” by Hanna Alkaf - Pub Date: 8/4/2020

The Great Barrington Town Seal
Town Of Great Barrington

The Great Barrington, Massachusetts selectboard has approved a measure that calls on the town to actively confront systemic racism and reassess its policing practices.

A man stands on a podium below an American flag before a parking lot full of cars with seated people on a grassy strip behind him
Josh Landes / WAMC

The town of Great Barrington, Massachusetts voted to approve its proposed 2021 budget Monday night despite efforts to cut the police department.

The Great Barrington Town Seal
Town Of Great Barrington

Tonight’s annual town meeting in Great Barrington, Massachusetts will have a unique format: drive-in style.

A crowd of people holding signs
Josh Landes / WAMC

Hundreds gathered in downtown Great Barrington, Massachusetts Saturday for a NAACP-sponsored rally against racism and police brutality.

Josh Landes / WAMC

Following protests in Williamstown and North Adams Friday evening, hundreds gathered in Great Barrington Saturday afternoon for an NAACP sponsored Black Lives Matter rally.


A new grant from a Massachusetts education nonprofit will allow a public high school in Great Barrington to reimagine how it serves students in a rapidly changing world.

The Great Barrington Town Seal
Town Of Great Barrington

The town of Great Barrington, Massachusetts has received a $500,000 grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to clean up dry-cleaning chemicals from underneath a shuttered business. 

A row of seated people behind a table on a stage under a glowing screen face an auditorium full of people.
Josh Landes / WAMC

Great Barrington, Massachusetts has postponed its annual town meeting due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

This week, Book Picks was bumped by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's coronavirus update. 

Pamela Pescosolido from The Book Loft in Great Barrington, MA shared his list, even though we didn't get to talk about these titles on the air.

Even though the Bookloft is closed books can still be purchased here and the store will get a percentage of the sales. The Book Loft will be opening at a new location at 63 State Road, Great Barrington, Massachusetts as soon as they are able to under state orders.

"The House in the Cerulean Sea" by T.J. Klune
"Docile" by K. M. Szpara
"Devolution" by Max Brooks
"Antkind" by Charlie Kaufman
"Valentine" by Elizabeth Wetmore
"Hidden Valley Road: Inside the Mind of an American Family" by Robert Kolker

A white man in a sweater plays a stringed instrument in a plaza surrounded by house-covered mountains
Powerless In Peru

A Berkshire County resident is one of the thousands of Americans stranded overseas as the world grinds to a halt amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Great Barrington Town Seal
Town Of Great Barrington

The town of Great Barrington, Massachusetts is calling on its landlords to seek relief from mortgage lenders and pass it on to their tenants. 

The Great Barrington Town Seal
Town Of Great Barrington

As New Yorkers flee the city for Berkshire County, some towns are preparing for a new threat of COVID-19 transmission.

The Great Barrington Town Seal
Town Of Great Barrington

The town of Great Barrington, Massachusetts is taking steps to respond to the coronavirus outbreak.

A sign that reads "Early Voting Here" in blue and red font with the hours 8:30 - 4:00 below it
Josh Landes / WAMC

Early voting in the March 3rd Massachusetts primary began this morning, and Berkshire County voters were ready.

After decades of waiting, construction is underway on a new affordable housing project in downtown Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

This is a photo of State Representative Smitty Pignatelli
JD Allen / WAMC News

Smitty Pignatelli is the Democratic State Representative for the 4th Berkshire District in Massachusetts. With State Senator and fellow Democrat Adam Hinds, Pignatelli is the co-presenter of a bill that would put Great Barrington’s December town vote for home rule into law. The Southern Berkshire community of around 7,000 is seeking the legal confirmation to ensure that it will have the final word on whether horse racing returns to the Great Barrington Fairgrounds for the first time in two decades, which Suffolk Downs is exploring. Pignatelli spoke with WAMC Tuesday.

The Great Barrington Town Seal
Town Of Great Barrington

Hearings are set for next week as Great Barrington, Massachusetts develops its budget for fiscal year 2021.