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At a difficult time for the dairy industry, farmers are coming up with new products to milk an increased demand for dairy products.

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer is calling on the federal government to reverse a recent decision to delay the regulation of e-cigarettes.

Senator Chuck Schumer

Sen. Charles Schumer says the Food and Drug Administration should launch a formal investigation into the health consequences of chemicals used in fast food packaging.

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Members of Congress from maple-producing states are joining industry groups in calling on the Food and Drug Administration to investigate and take action against products that claim to contain maple syrup but according to their ingredient lists don't.

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In the maple-rich areas of New England and the upper Midwest, producers don't approve of fakers and want the FDA to take action.

Federal health officials have approved the first prescription drug to boost sexual desire in women, called Addyi. The food and drug administration approval yesterday marks an unusual turnaround for the agency. The FDA previously rejected the drug twice due to lackluster benefits and worrisome side effects. We want to hear from you. What do you think—is this the long overdue answer some have sought for female sexual dysfunction?

Now that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has proposed a new rule that would extend the agency’s tobacco authority to regulate such products as electronic cigarettes, 29 attorneys general, including from New York and New England, are calling for more stringent regulations.

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U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer is asking the Food and Drug Administration to prevent a powdered alcohol from reaching store shelves this fall, saying that it would become "the Kook-Aid of teen binge drinking."

The New York Democrat in a letter says the product Palcohol can be mixed with water, sprinkled on food or even snorted and easily concealed.

Palcohol's parent company Lipsmark disagrees, saying it would be painful to snort and will be sold under the same restrictions as liquid alcohol.

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A New York congressman from the Hudson Valley is co-leading a letter-sending effort to urge the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to take action regarding a drug used to combat heroin overdoses.

2/27/14 Panel

Feb 27, 2014

  Today's panelists are WAMC’s Alan Chartock, WAMC’s Ray Graf and University at Albany Journalism Professor and Investigative Reporter, Rosemary Armao.

Topics include:
AZ Gov Veto
Obama on Middle East
GOP Edge Poll
FDA Label Changes

Two NYS Legislators Look To Regulate E-Cigarettes

Nov 26, 2013

Two New York state legislators from the Hudson Valley say they will push legislation at the beginning of the year that would regulate e-cigarettes the same way as regular, tobacco cigarettes. Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration is expected to issue proposed regulations on the vapor cigarettes soon.

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A New York congresswoman from the Hudson Valley says a food allergy bill she authored has resulted in the first federal guidelines for schools.

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Food and Drug Administration officials heard from hundreds of farmers from Vermont and New Hampshire during a listening session earlier this week on new food safety rules under consideration by the federal agency.

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A New York congressional representative from the Hudson Valley visited a supermarket in Westchester today to announce new FDA standards for certain food-labeling.

Congresswoman Nita Lowey stood in front of the gluten-free section inside DeCicco’s Marketplace in northern Westchester County to announce the new Food and Drug Administration labeling guidelines.