Fair Elections

David Nightingale: Fair Elections, Revisited

Mar 13, 2014

Our voting has slowly developed from 'white males' with property qualifications, to the inclusion of women (by the 19th Amendment of 1920). Now, in 2014, there are still privileged entities (read 'deep pocket corporations') attempting to sway our votes, and looking back, it's astonishing that so many countries in the world excluded so many groups.

Wikimedia Commons/Dismas

Along with the familiar “In God We Trust”, the next one, five, ten or twenty dollar bill you hold may include another message, "Stamp Money Out of Politics".

It is part of the Stamp Stampede, lead by Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream founder, Ben Cohen. Ben Cohen says the Stamp Stampede, which he calls a petition on steroids, is about giving a voice to Americans who understand that unlimited campaign contributions are corrupting democracy. A rally by the group supporting the "Fair Elections Act" is scheduled for tomorrow. Cohen spoke with WAMC's Brian Shields.