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Bard College President Leon Botstein and senior Sadia Saba enter the new voting site at the Bertelsmann Campus Center on Election Day 2020
Courtesy of Karl Rabe

A New York state Supreme Court judge allowed Bard College to set up a polling site on Election Day after a long legal battle. So, how did it turn out? Here’s an update on a story we’ve been following since Bard and other petitioners sued to move the polling site on campus.

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A New York state Supreme Court judge has amended her decision from nearly two weeks ago, and ruled that a polling site in Dutchess County can move to the Bard College campus.

Bard College Center For Civic Engagement
Courtesy of Bard College

A New York state Supreme Court judge has denied a petition from Bard College to move an off-campus polling site to its Annandale-on-Hudson campus. Bard had filed suit against the Dutchess County Board of Elections in September, alleging unsafe conditions at the current polling site and voter suppression.

The processing of change of address forms at the Dutchess County Board of Elections is moving forward after a logjam and disagreement between the commissioners. But the commissioners agree that misinformation has spread regarding some of the facts. Meantime, a local activist and good government group are concerned.

Dutchess Elections Officials Indicted

Jul 31, 2013

POUGHKEEPSIE – Democratic Dutchess County Elections Commissioner Frances Knapp and former Republican Commissioner David Gamache were both indicted by a Dutchess County grand jury, following a lengthy investigation into Board of Elections irregularities.

Both were in county court for their arraignments as the indictments were unsealed.

Dutchess Elections Board To Register Students

May 21, 2013
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POUGHKEEPSIE – College students in Dutchess County may now vote so long as they register and need not provide specific information about which dormitory they live.

Last fall, Republican Elections Commissioner Erik Haight refused to register students if they did not list their specific college address. Democrat Commissioner Frances Knapp challenged that in court and the judge ruled they could vote.

The initial case involved student registrations from Marist, The Culinary Institute of America and Bard College.