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Department of Corrections

Clinton Correctional Facility
Pat Bradley/WAMC

State and local officials, union leaders and employees are hoping to stop a state decision to close the Clinton Annex prison in Dannemora, New York. WAMC’s North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley was at a rally Saturday as closure by the end of March looms.

Part of the Annex at Clinton Correctional
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Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that the Watertown and Gowanda Correctional facilities and the Clinton Annex, a part of the Clinton Correctional Facility, will be closed by March 30st , 2021. Officials in the North Country are upset by the decision.

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State officials have started an internal investigation after guests and staff at an Albany hotel complained about late-night raucous behavior by a group of prison guards.

Photo of Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility
Vermont Department of Corrections

Vermont State Police say the death of an inmate in his Rutland prison cell was an apparent suicide.

Clinton County Correctional Facility
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A new superintendent has been named to run the maximum-security  Clinton Correctional prison where a range of new security measures have been implemented to  close gaps exploited by two inmates who broke out on June 6th.