David Bissember

Freshly re-elected Troy Mayor Patrick Madden gives victory speech at Ryan's Wake.
WAMC photo by Dave Lucas

After a wild campaign, Troy Mayor Patrick Madden has been elected to a second four-year term.

Under the measure, styrofoam cups, plates and containers would be banned citywide.
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The Troy City Council is gearing up to tackle legislation governing plastics when it meets on Thursday.

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Late Friday, the Democratic mayor of Troy, New York vetoed a sanctuary city measure passed by the city council the night before.

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The Troy City Council has once again tabled a vote on a Sanctuary City resolution.

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The Troy Police Department is set to begin testing body-worn cameras next month.

"My name is David Bissember and I'm here to announce that I'm running to be your next Troy City Counil President."
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A Troy City Councilor has kicked off a campaign for council president. 

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There is debate over whether Troy should become a sanctuary city.

WAMC photo by Dave Lucas

The Troy, New York Police Department has come under renewed public scrutiny this month. Now the move is on to take the tarnish off the department's image.