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Councilor Justin Hurst

      Springfield City Councilors want to pick up the pace of police reforms in the wake of a scathing report from the U.S. Department of Justice. 

The police commissioner in Springfield, Massachusetts continues to defend the reinstatement of five officers while criminal charges against them are still pending. 

      The city council in Springfield, Massachusetts could vote Monday to ban the government’s use of face surveillance technology.  WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill reports.


     A 13-member City Council has been sworn into office in the largest city in western Massachusetts.


There was a historic inauguration Monday in the largest city in western Massachusetts.

City Hall at night

   Four companies looking to open the first recreational marijuana stores in the largest city in western Massachusetts have secured key first-step local approvals. 

Springfield City Hall

    Springfield City Councilors are questioning terms of the proposed host community agreements with four companies looking to open the first marijuana stores in the western Massachusetts city.

  Recreational marijuana stores are opening with greater frequency now across Massachusetts. However, there are none so far in the largest city in western Massachusetts.  The Springfield City Council will soon weigh approving four cannabis stores.

Tasheena Davis in front of American flag in Springfield City Council chambers

      A new city clerk takes office tomorrow in Springfield, Massachusetts – the first African American woman to hold the job in the city’s history. 

City Councilors in Springfield, Ma voted 9-3 to override Mayor Domenic Sarno's veto of an ordinance creating a five-member board of police commissioners.

Elected officials in Springfield, Massachusetts have announced a plan to survey public opinion to help guide their policy decisions.


     The abrupt exit of the police commissioner in Springfield, Massachusetts could bring to a head a long-running political dispute over how best to manage the troubled department.

    The largest city in western Massachusetts is moving closer to accepting applications from people who want to open recreational marijuana stores.


     While new recreational marijuana stores continue to open across Massachusetts, it is likely to be months before the first cannabis shop opens in the largest city in western Massachusetts.

    The City Council in Springfield, Massachusetts will have a new president in 2019.

     Steps are being taken to extend a moratorium on new pawn shops in the largest city in western Massachusetts. 

A posthumous promotion is being sought for an African-American member of the police department in Springfield, Massachusetts whom advocates say was denied the rank of captain because of his race.  But, the city’s top cop warns it would open a “Pandora’s box.”  


      Several police officers with checkered pasts are up for promotion in Springfield, Massachusetts. Dozens of people showed up Tuesday night for a meeting of the City Council’s Public Safety Committee, where a discussion of police promotion policies was on the agenda.


    There’s fallout from the surprise move by the mayor of Springfield, Massachusetts to announce plans to hire a new fire chief.

City councilors in Springfield, Massachusetts are calling on the city administration to enforce long-standing requirements that municipal employees live in the city. Councilors raised the specter of lawsuits if the residency law is not enforced.