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Coronavirus Plattsburgh

Plattsburgh Mayor Colin Read distributes packets with N95 masks and face shields to salon owners and workers
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A fierce proponent of wearing face coverings during the pandemic, the mayor of Plattsburgh has been coordinating donations of N95 masks and face shields this week. The materials are being given at no cost to a business sector that must work in close contact with customers: owners of and workers at hair salons and tattoo parlors.

Plattsburgh Mayor Colin Read wears a mask as he discusses the impact of the coronavirus pandemic
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As New York gradually reopens, many residents are eagerly anticipating the openings of beauty parlors and barber shops.  But Plattsburgh’s mayor says workers in those establishments need more secure COVID protections.

Over the weekend, the Clinton Health Department reported that two parties by SUNY Plattsburgh students led to dozens of people being put in isolation or quarantine. The county sheriff is now warning people not to lie to contact tracers.

Plattsburgh Mayor Colin Read (left) and City Council budget officer Mike Kelly discuss COVID-19 issues
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The budget officer for the Plattsburgh City Council says furloughs and layoffs planned when the coronavirus pandemic began to impact city finances are going into effect.

Plattsburgh Mayor Colin Read discusses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic
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Citing budget shortfalls from the COVID-19 pandemic, the city of Plattsburgh has already furloughed or laid off about two dozen employees.  The mayor says city officials will make budget concerns a focus of their weekly meetings.

Plattsburgh’s mayor is imposing a citywide curfew in an effort to get more people to comply with social distancing guidelines amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Plattsburgh City Hall

Plattsburgh’s mayor gave an update on the city’s preparedness for the coronavirus on Thursday. The city council later heard reports from police and fire chiefs on pandemic readiness.