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Clinton County Health Department

The Clinton County Health Department is warning residents who were at a local diner they may have been exposed to COVID-19.

The Clinton County Health Department held a virtual update on the status of the pandemic in New York’s northernmost county including a look at the start of vaccinations at the local medical center.

Plattsburgh Mayor Colin Read discusses COVID-19 and other issues
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Plattsburgh’s outgoing mayor discussed several topics Monday affecting the city including a pilot program for early detection of coronavirus and how downtown parking has been shifted to compensate for a planned development.

In northern New York this week, the Clinton County Health Department reported nearly three dozen new COVID-19 cases. While the numbers compared to other areas of the state are low, it reflects an upward trend that concerns local officials.

The Clinton County Health Department is reporting an uptick in COVID-19 in the northeast New York county.

COVID-19 was first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China and has now been detected in 37 locations across the globe, including in the U.S., according to the CDC.
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The Clinton County Health Department says three people who attended a party in northern New York have tested positive for COVID-19.

Over the weekend, the Clinton Health Department reported that two parties by SUNY Plattsburgh students led to dozens of people being put in isolation or quarantine. The county sheriff is now warning people not to lie to contact tracers.

COVID-19 Diagram
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The Vermont Health Department reported 940 cases of the coronavirus statewide on Monday, unchanged from Sunday. The Health Commissioner cautions that despite the positive trend, the virus spreads easily and the state must continue to take precautions.

Russell Barnard Senior Living Apartments
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On Thursday evening a senior living apartment building in Plattsburgh was quarantined after several residents tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

COVID-19 Diagram
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Northern New York and Vermont officials provided updates Thursday on coronavirus response preparedness.

The Clinton County Health Department held a public information session Wednesday evening on the spike in vaping use among youth.  Panelists presented regional data and parents talked about how easily children can obtain the products.

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The Northeast is gearing up for a heat wave that is setting up to run through the 4th of July, the likes of which we haven't experienced in some time. Authorities are issuing advisories and offering tips on dealing with the heat.

Clinton County has received a quarter-million dollar grant to promote and develop healthy and active communities.

The Clinton County Health Department has issued a boil water order for most of the town of Plattsburgh.