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WAMC's David Guistina gets the morning headlines from Mike Spain, associate editor of the Albany Times Union.

Republican Saratoga County Clerk Kathy Marchione was successful in her bid to represent the New York State Senate’s new 43rd District.

Marchione was flanked by supporters as she took to the podium at the Holiday Inn in Saratoga Springs at around 11 p.m. Tuesday night to accept her election to the New York State Senate.  

Unofficial results show her winning with 47 percent of the vote over the 35 percent won by Democratic Claverack Town Supervisor Robin Andrews.

Marchione told those assembled the story of what she described as an unlikely path to victory…

Lucian McCarty - The Saratogian

Nov 5, 2012

Voters in Saratoga Springs will vote tomorrow on how the city government will be structured. A charter change is on the ballot. Voters can stay with the current commissioner form of government or decide to change to a council-manager form of government. For more on the charter question, WAMC’s Brian Shields spoke with Saratogian city desk reporter Lucian McCarty.

A poll released Friday by the Siena Research Institute showed some surprising numbers in one capital region New York State Senate race.

Incumbent 43rd District Senator Roy McDonald – who suspended his campaign after losing a close Republican primary to Saratoga County Clerk Kathy Marchione – received support from 29 percent of poll respondents. McDonald will appear on Tuesday’s ballot on the Independence Party line.

For analysis of the race WAMC’s Patrick Donges spoke with reporter David Lombardo who covers local politics for the Schenectady Daily Gazette.

WAMC's Alan Chartock speaks with Dr. Ralph Nurnberger, who will speak tonight at 7:30 at Congregation Gates of Heaven in Schenectady, New York on “The Middle East Today,” an event sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York.

Professor of International Relations at Georgetown University, Dr. Nurnberger is an expert on American foreign policy and the Middle East. He has served as a staffer for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and was the first Executive Director of Builders for Peace.

 WAMC's Jake Sorgen spoke with Albany Mayor Gerald Jennings about his "Command Center" and preparations he's made to deal with the damaging winds and widespread power outages expected tonight. 

County Executive Kathleen Jimino of Rensselaer spoke with WAMC's Jake Sorgen about her preparations and expectations for the durations of the storm. 

Today is the final day of the University at Albany-hosted International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance, which has brought experts and academics from around the world together. WAMC’s Alan Chartock recently spoke with several conference presenters, including Theresa Pardo, Director of the University at Albany Center for Technology in Government, and Dr. Nigel Shadbolt, professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Southampton. Pardo began by describing the aims of the conference.

Olympic Gold Medalist Jeff Blatnick has died following complications from heart surgery - WAMC's Dave Lucas has more...

Blatnick passed away due to cardio-pulmonary arrest at Ellis Hospital on Wednesday.

A 1975 graduate of Niskayuna High, Blatnick survived a bout with Hodgkin's Disease , but went on win the gold in Greco-Roman wrestling at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. The cancer came back and forced his retirement, but his involvement in wrestling continued as a coach and commentator.

Judy Patrick

WAMC's David Guistina gets the morning headlines from Judy Patrick, editor of the Daily Gazette.

Judy Patrick

WAMC's David Guistina gets the morning headlines from Judy Patrick, managing editor of the Daily Gazette.

News in recent days that AMD - Advanced Micro Devices - is about to layoff 20 percent of its global workforce triggered speculation - along with rumors - about the impact this would have on the chipfab plant in Malta.  Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Dave Lucas reports.

WAMC's David Guistina gets the morning headlines from Mike Spain, associate editor of the Albany Times Union.

Fracking Supporters Set to Demonstrate in Albany

Oct 15, 2012
Dave Lucas

Supporters of using hydraulic fracturing to produce natural gas are set to demonstrate in Albany.

Hundreds of people are expected to rally at the Corning Preserve on the Hudson River and then march to a park near the Capitol for speeches by elected officials and labor leaders at midday Monday.

The technology known as "fracking" to free gas from deep in the Marcellus Shale is backed by industry and others who say it will be an economic boon for upstate New York.

Dave Lucas / WAMC

Before the U.S. Dollar was created in 1791, a variety of state-issued paper currencies and foreign coins comprised the US money supply. Fast forward to the 21st Century, where many modern communities are turning to "local currencies" as both a way to deal with tough economic times and boost local business. Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Dave Lucas reports.

AP Photo by Don Heupel

A panel of government, labor and business leaders put together to push infrastructure projects in New York is set to meet in Albany.

The New York Works Task Force has a session scheduled for this afternoon.

Governor Andrew Cuomo appointed the 15 members to oversee ways of speeding up construction projects and rebuilding roads and bridges. The group also considers how to allocate infrastructure money around the state and help create jobs.

What do the CEO of a multi-national company and a 19-year-old in a dorm room have in common?

Chances are that they both spend time thinking about the intersections of technology, business, and social media, and whether or not they could be a part of the ‘next big thing’.

Soraya Darabi began her media career in her early-20’s as Manager of Digital Partnerships and Social Media at The New York Times, where she positioned the paper on the then fledgling, now ubiquitous, social networks like Facebook and YouTube.

New York's Assembly majority says it has reprimanded a lower level worker who blogged in support of Speaker Sheldon Silver during a sexual harassment scandal.

Silver spokesman Michael Whyland says the worker was formally reprimanded and lost his internet access. Whyland says all Assembly employees are being reminded they can't use state time and equipment for political purposes.

The Assembly majority says Silver didn't know of the blogging and does not condone it.

Dave Lucas / WAMC

An Obama administration official was in upstate New York to join the mayors of three Albany-area cities at a roundtable discussion on helping distressed homeowners. Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Dave Lucas was there and files this report.

Statistics show home sales gingerly improving nationwide - but government leaders believe too many families in upstate New York and across the country are unable to take advantage of interest rates that are at their lowest levels since the 30-year mortgage was created. They want change.

Judy Patrick

WAMC's David Guistina gets the morning headlines from Judy Patrick, editor of the Daily Gazette.

WAMC's David Guistina gets the morning headlines from Mike Spain, associate editor of the Albany Times Union.

Dave Lucas / WAMC

The primary showdown for Albany County District Attorney went to incumbent DA David Soares. 

Thursday’s primary voting marked the conclusion of a bitter campaign for the Democratic nomination for Albany County District Attorney. 

The battle raged on in mainstream media and thru blogs and social networks, where there was intense debate and quite a bit of old-fashioned mudlslinging.

Today’s primary voting marks the conclusion of a bitter campaign for the Democratic nomination for Albany County District Attorney. 

Incumbent David Soares is seeking a third four-year term against attorney Lee Kindlon, an ex-Marine prosecutor who works in his family’s high-profile Capital District firm and blames Soares for Albany County’s high crime rate.

Andrew Beam - The Troy Record

Sep 12, 2012

Among the many races to be decided by primary elections tomorrow in New York, a very contentious contest for the Republican nomination in  the 43rd State Senate District , and a more issues-driven campaign for the Democratic nomination for the 107th Assembly District. The candidates in the 43rd, incumbent senator Roy Mc-Donald and challenger Kathy Marchione met for a debate last night and the charges and counter-charges flew.  Andrew Beam of the Troy Record was there. He spoke with WAMC’s Brian Shields.

New York members of the Daughters of the American Revolution have helped a pair of historic Albany-area cemeteries with public displays dedicated to two prominent local residents from the region's past. More from WAMC’s Dave Lucas

Local DAR members raised funds for new roadside signs, memorial benches and other upgrades to the grave of Samuel Wilson, who's buried in Troy's Oakwood Cemetery.

Mike Spain
Times Union

WAMC's David Guistina discusses the region's 9/11 remembrance plans and Northway traffic with Mike Spain, associate editor of the Albany Times Union.

WAMC Photo by Dave Lucas

A person familiar with the probe tells The Associated Press the Albany County district attorney is now joining a special prosecutor who is investigating a sexual harassment case in the Assembly. WAMC’s Dave Lucas reports…

The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because the addition of DA David Soares' office to the effort led by Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan hasn't yet been announced.

Andrew Beam - The Troy Record

Sep 5, 2012

The candidates in an often contentious campaign for the Democratic primary in New York’s 44th State Senate District met in a debate last evening at Russell Sage College in Troy. The campaign between incumbent Neil Breslin and challenger Shawn Morse has been marked with accusations of private investigators and arrest records with character an issue. Andrew Beam, who covered the debate for the Troy Record says while issues were discussed so was the character of the candidates. He spoke with WAMC’s Brian Shields.

WAMC's David Guistina speaks with Mike Spain, associate editor of the Albany Times Union, about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's profile at the convention in Charlotte and community colleges.

Judy Patrick

WAMC's Ian Pickus gets the morning headlines from Judy Patrick, editor of the Daily Gazette.