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Bruce Springsteen

On June 23, David Brooks published an article on The Atlantic website entitled “Bruce Springsteen’s Playlist for the Trump Era.”Brooks introduced the article thusly:

Guitarist Steven Van Zandt of the E Street Band knows plenty about good band chemistry, and for 40 years, his favorite group and one of the 60’s most influential bands, The Rascals, lay dormant in what he called “a crime against nature.”

Rabbi Dan Ornstein: Springsteen Raised a Cain

Mar 15, 2013

Bruce Springsteen stands out almost without equals among the musicians who touch my soul. I rarely regret his outsized melodies, gritty voice, and emotionally explosive poetry that explore working class struggles and the general human condition with such passion and compassion.  I am especially drawn to Springsteen's use of biblical and religious imagery in songs such as Adam Raised A Cain, from his album Darkness On The Edge Of Town.

      Before he was a stadium-packing megastar, Bruce Springsteen was an introvert, desperate to strike a balance between his nuanced songwriting and the heft of his backing band. Clinton Heylin’s revelatory biography, E Street Shuffle: The Glory Days of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, chronicles the evolution and influence of Springsteen’s E Street Band as they rose from blue-collar New Jersey to the heights of rock stardom.

Most Monday nights we are in front of the tube, mesmerized by the “Antiques Road Show.”

“Look at the piece of junk!’’ my husband exclaims.

“Don’t just sit there. Get down to the basement and start looking!’’ I reply.

One recent Monday night was different.

Oh sure, there were some “antiques’’ involved. They were the thousands of middle-aged people like us, dancing and rockin’ out in a big public arena.