A new report finds 8 percent of bridges in New York’s Capital Region are structurally deficient. 

Last week, President Trump met with Democratic Congressional leaders concerning infrastructure. Sen. Chuck Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi left the meeting saying that they had a good discussion with Mr. Trump and agreed that a $2 Trillion program – likely over 10 years – would be needed.  In three weeks’ time, the President is supposed to present a plan on how to pay for such a program.

Hudson Valley Bridges Are Undergoing Repairs

Sep 18, 2018
Courtesy of Daniel Case via Creative Commons

A nearly $14 million project to rehabilitate six bridges in the Hudson Valley is under way. New York state Department of Transportation Acting Commissioner Paul Karas says the project aims to extend the service life of long-span bridges on state highways in Dutchess, Orange and Westchester counties.

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Talk about going out with a bang.

New York's old Kosciuszko Bridge between Brooklyn and Queens was brought down on Sunday morning with a controlled demolition.

Work Has Begun On Two Bridges In Westchester

Mar 28, 2017
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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Monday announced that work is underway on a $17.1 million project to build two bridges in Westchester County. It’s part of his $542 million Empire Bridge program.

Joining Saratoga County and the neighboring Town of Malta, Saratoga Springs approved a resolution Tuesday night to ask the State Department of Transportation to reconsider a proposal to close the Nelson Avenue Extension Bridge, which the agency calls costly to maintain.

Courtesy of NYC DEP

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection has announced that work has begun on a $7 million project to replace two bridges near the Rondout Reservoir in Sullivan County.

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A group of construction contractors, labor unions, local transportation officials and business groups have banded together to encourage state lawmakers in New York to invest in the state's aging roads, bridges and highways.

  Physical infrastructure in the United States is crumbling. The American Society of Civil Engineers has, in its latest report, given American roads and bridges a grade of D and C+, respectively, and has described roughly sixty-five thousand bridges in the United States as "structurally deficient." This crisis shows little sign of abating short of a massive change in attitude amongst politicians and the American public.

In The Road Taken, historian Henry Petroski explores our core infrastructure from historical and contemporary perspectives and explains how essential their maintenance is to America's economic health. Recounting the long history behind America's highway system, Petroski reveals the genesis of our interstate numbering system (even roads go east-west, odd go north-south), the inspiration behind the center line that has divided roads for decades, and the creation of such taken-for-granted objects as guardrails, stop signs, and traffic lights--all crucial parts of our national and local infrastructure.

Henry Petroski is the Aleksandar Vesic Professor of Civil Engineering and a professor of history at Duke University.

Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty
Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty

  By and large, the nation’s roads and bridges are in bad shape.

In today’s Congressional Corner, Connecticut Representative Elizabeth Esty tells WAMC’s Alan Chartock that infrastructure spending is a wise investment in America.


U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is calling for a new measure that will give states the authority to use more federal funds on local bridge improvement projects.

Sprain Brook Parkway Bridges Are Ready

Nov 1, 2014
Courtesy of the Office of Governor Andrew Cuomo

Construction of bridges carrying a major parkway in the lower Hudson Valley is complete.

Funding Is Headed To Repair Flood-Prone Bridges In NY

Oct 24, 2014
Wikimedia Commons, Daniel Case

Elected officials have announced federal funding to upgrade and repair flood-prone bridges in a number of Hudson Valley counties.

FEMA Money Will Strengthen 20 NY Bridges

Aug 23, 2014
Wikimedia Commons, Daniel Case

Governor Andrew Cuomo Friday announced federal funding headed New York’s way to strengthen 20 bridges.

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The U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works is hearing testimony today on transportation priorities and funding from state and local officials.