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Back The Blue

Bill Tryon filmed on the steps of the U.S. Capitol on January 6th
YouTube user dream floral.

A YouTube video that contains footage of the January 6th mob attack at the U.S. Capitol features an interview with prominent Albany-area conservative activist Bill Tryon. 

Bill Tryon
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Last Saturday on Midday Magazine, we aired an interview with Albany activist Lukee Forbes.

Part of the interview focused on an August 1st “Back the Blue” pro-police rally in Albany, which Forbes attended, along with a small group of other counter-protesters.

During the rally, Forbes, who is Black, dragged a “thin blue line” flag, which he considers a “fake” flag, drawing strong reaction from the largely white crowd of Back the Blue demonstrators. The stylized American flag features black and blue stripes and is commonly seen at conservative rallies.

Pleasant Valley Black Lives Matter Protest, July 18, 2020
Courtesy of the Dutchess County Sheriff's office

Members of the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office delivered a presentation Thursday before a county legislature committee about the department’s response to and an analysis of a Black Lives Matter protest in July. Counter-protestors also appeared and tensions escalated into verbal sparring and violence. Legislators had many questions.

Last week, a counter-protest to a pro-police “Back The Blue” rally in Saratoga Springs drew a multi-agency police response. It included officers firing pepper bullets at demonstrators. Young people involved in the counter-protest shared comments with the city council Tuesday night. Meantime, the city has appointed a task force to host discussions on police-community relations in accordance with a state directive. 

Police stand by as rally-goers confront counter-protesters in Albany
Photo provided by Patrick Dodson

A large crowd gathered in front of the state capitol in Albany for a "Back the Blue" pro-police rally Saturday morning, similar to an event held on Thursday in Saratoga Springs.

A woman waves a Trump 2020 campaign flag at counterprotesters during Thursday's "Back The Blue" Rally
Lucas Willard / WAMC

Pro-police demonstrators and counter-protesters faced off last night in Saratoga Springs, where three arrests were made.