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Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo this week signed a bill honoring a slain library security guard in Rockland County.

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Friday is Thurgood Marshall Day in New York. And a number of state and local officials will be on hand in Rockland County to talk about legislation to name a section of a road in honor of Justice Marshall’s legacy.

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Backers of a bill in the New York state legislature say the measles outbreak in Rockland County could give their legislation momentum. The bill would repeal exemptions from vaccination requirements for children due to religious beliefs. The renewed focus comes after the Rockland County executive declared a state of emergency Tuesday.

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Both spans are now open on the Mario Cuomo Bridge that connects Rockland and Westchester Counties. As road signs are being switched to reflect the new name, debate continues over discarding the old one. State lawmakers near the bridge say their constituents want to integrate the old name with the new, despite New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s apparent final word on the topic.

New York’s Department of State has appointed oversight monitors in a town and village in Rockland County. The purpose is to ensure that state building and fire codes are enforced. Lawmakers and officials say there have been deficiencies for years, putting lives at risk.

Voters Decide NYS Assembly Primaries In The HV

Sep 14, 2016
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In a few closely watched races, incumbents in the Hudson Valley were victorious in their Assembly primaries, according to unofficial results.

NYS Primary Day Includes Assembly Races In The HV

Sep 13, 2016

Primary day in New York is putting the spotlight on a few races in the Hudson Valley, namely in the state Assembly.

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Some primary races in the Hudson Valley will decide the November ballot for some New York state Assembly and Senate races.

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The New York state Education Commissioner Monday announced the appointment of a monitor for the troubled East Ramapo School District in Rockland County. Tuesday, they held a series of meetings in Rockland in what participants describe as a positive and encouraging step forward.

NYS DOS To Hold Hearing On Rockland Real Estate Issue

Jun 10, 2016

Two state lawmakers from the Hudson Valley say the Department of State has agreed to hold a public hearing concerning aggressive solicitations by real estate brokers.


Three New York lawmakers have introduced a bill to appoint a state monitor to the East Ramapo School District in Rockland County. The move comes in response to recommendations issued by a state-appointed fiscal monitor in November.

A state-appointed fiscal monitor has made a number of recommendations concerning a beleaguered school district in Rockland County. He is recommending state oversight of the school board, and state lawmakers were meeting this afternoon to discuss how to craft legislation to make it happen.

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When President Obama visited Westchester Wednesday to spotlight the replacement Tappan Zee Bridge, he talked about how the project benefitted from an expedited review process. He also mentioned a large federal loan that came through. But some state and local lawmakers says there is still a big unknown: the toll price.

NYS Lawmakers To Hold Budget Meeting In Rockland

Feb 20, 2014
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Some New York state lawmakers are hosting their annual state budget meeting in Rockland County Thursday afternoon.

Alec Baldwin Hosts Panel On Indian Point

Oct 7, 2013
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Actor Alec Baldwin hosted a panel Friday evening in Rockland County on the Indian Point nuclear power plant. A state assemblywoman and the president of an environmental group were among those on the panel, calling for the shutdown of Indian Point.

The panel discussion, “Driving Without a License: Indian Point at the Crossroads,” was presented by the nonprofit Radiation and Public Health Project, with which Alec Baldwin has been connected for some time. However, Baldwin says this marks his first activist role specifically pertaining to Westchester-based Indian Point.

Alec Baldwin To Host Panel About Indian Point

Oct 4, 2013

Actor Alec Baldwin is hosting a panel discussion Friday evening in New York’s Rockland County. The event is presented by the Radiation and Public Health Project. The topic is the Indian Point nuclear power plant.

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A report compiled for an opponent of a proposed water supply project in Rockland County, New York says a serious look at alternatives has been missing in the debate. The report’s author says a viable alternative to the more than $120 million project can be brought to the table.

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The Hudson Valley chapter of a national mothers group that wants Congress to pass gun safety measures is setting up a lemonade stand Tuesday in Rockland County.

PSC Sets New Dates For United Water Public Hearings

Aug 22, 2013
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After many calls to reschedule public hearings regarding Rockland County’s controversial water plans, New York’s Public Service Commission has come up with new dates.