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Empire State Youth Orchestra /

The Empire State Youth Orchestra, known regionally and nationally for nourishing young musicians from communities in New York's Capital Region and Western Massachusetts, announced that its 13 ensembles, including its flagship Symphony Orchestra and CHIME program, have resumed in-person rehearsals and meet-ups for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ensemble rehearsals, which began mid- September, are held weekly in a safe-studio environment at Proctors in Schenectady. CHIME, ESYO's after school program, which suffered a setback after losing critical funds is to begin online this fall and include several in-person "instrument hangs".

All ESYO concerts are to be recorded LIVE on Proctors mainstage and streamed to virtual audiences through the orchestras virtual concert hall. ESYO Music Director Carlos Ágreda joined us.

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WAMC's Ian Pickus and resident quizzer Mike Nothnagel continue their October tradition.

Rogovoy Report 10/23/20

Oct 23, 2020

The cultural highlights in our region this weekend include folk-rock, chamber music, vocal music, organ jazz … plus a whole lot more…

Audrey Kupferberg: Lon Chaney And Tod Browning

Oct 21, 2020
Audrey Kupferberg

Halloween used to be the season for vintage horror films.  A favorite choice was Lon Chaney in The Phantom of the Opera or Bela Lugosi in Dracula.  But times have changed.  After all, there are so many newer, frightening movies being made with fast-paced action and sophisticated special effects that send chills down your spine.

Ghost Lights In Theaters Inspire Halloween Fun

Oct 20, 2020
Proctors by Ghost Light
Jim Murphy

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Every theater has a ghost. Why else is it that the last thing done when leaving a theater is to turn on the “ghost light?” A “ghost light” is a standing lamp with a single bulb placed in the middle of the stage. It’s left on all night.

Artwork for Troy Foundry Theatre's "Models of Perfection"
Troy Foundry Theatre / Troy Foundry Theatre

An eviction sign, cruel games and rituals of death, a documentary film crew, and a campaign launch. Brother and Sister have lived on this door step for as long as they can remember. Soon, Brother and Sister are forced to migrate as the environment violently disintegrates. But sister isn't ready to leave home behind.

Troy Foundry Theatre presents the world premiere of "Models of Perfection." The show begins performances on Wednesday and runs through November 1. It will happen in the E. Stewart Jones parking lot directly next to the Trojan Hotel in Troy, New York.

David Girard is the Artistic Director of the Troy Foundry Theatre and co-curator and devisor of the show. Niya Colbert is collaborator with Theatre in the X out of Philadelphia and co-curator and devisor of "Models of Perfection."

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WAMC's Ian Pickus and resident quizzer Mike Nothnagel look for some common bonds.

Rogovoy Report 10/16/20

Oct 16, 2020

The cultural highlights in our region this weekend include indie-pop, theater, chamber music, jazz … plus a whole lot more.

Visual Art: Beauty that Soothes the Soul

Oct 11, 2020
Hudson River School gallery at Albany Institute of History and Art
Albany Institute of History & Art

SARATOGA SPRINGS. -  October is a gorgeous month.  The lovely foliage at this time of year makes for a beautiful outdoor walk or a lovely car ride.

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WAMC's Ian Pickus and resident quizzer Mike Nothnagel swap seats and a letter.

Audrey Kupferberg: One Hundred Years Ago At The Movies

Oct 9, 2020
Audrey Kupferberg

In thinking about the Spanish Flu pandemic that lasted approximately from the spring of 1918 to the summer of 1919, a crisis that appears to have begun in Kansas, not Spain, I am interested to read of its effect on the movie industry.  Richard Brody wrote a piece on this subject for the March 17 issue of the New Yorker magazine.

Rogovoy Report 10/9/20

Oct 9, 2020

The cultural highlights in our region this weekend include indie-pop, theater, art, chamber music, jazz … plus a whole lot more.

Artwork for WAM Theatre production of ROE /

Two Women. Multiple Truths. One Landmark Supreme Court Case. "ROE," by Lisa Loomer, is an historically sweeping play with a large ensemble cast that illuminates the history of one of the most polarizing social issues of the modern era, the Roe v. Wade, U.S. Supreme Court ruling that established a woman’s right to an abortion.

The play provides a reminder of the human stories behind the debates and how hard we have to work to compassionately communicate with people with whom we may disagree.

"ROE" will be presented as a creatively designed, digital production by WAM Theatre. Performances will be available October 17 through October 20. To tell us more, we welcome WAM Producing Artistic Director Kristen van Ginhoven and Scenic Designer Juliana von Haubrich.

Artwork for the 2020 Landscapes for Landsake /

The Agricultural Stewardship Association’s Landscapes for Landsake is an annual art exhibition that celebrates both the agricultural heritage and stunning landscapes of the Upper Hudson Valley. Now in its 19th year, the show is the region’s largest art buying event of the season.

The 3-day event is typically held every Columbus Day weekend in the magnificent 19th-century post and beam barn at Maple Ridge, but this year’s event will be held online. So, their inaugural Virtual Event to Benefit Farmland Conservation will run through October 9~30th with works displayed on

Many of the featured artists are internationally recognized painters. There is also a strong representation of works in other media, including sculpture, ceramics, photography, and furniture. To tell us more – we welcome Katie Jilek - ASA's Communications Manager and the main organizer of our Landscapes for Landsake art event and Leah McCloskey - the Curator of the show.

Andy Warhol, Ladies and Gentlemen, 1975, collection of the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art 2014.020.002

Taking its title from a poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar by the same name, "We Wear the Mask: Race and Representation in the Dorsky Museum Permanent Collection," is the new exhibit on display this fall in the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art at the State University of New York at New Paltz. We’ll find out more.

The exhibit, on display through November 22nd features artwork related to the presentation and perception of race selected by artist Jean-Marc Superville Sovak. In 2019 Superville-Sovak's "A-historical Landscapes" series was one of the recipients of the Hudson Valley Artists Annual Purchase Award and was acquired by the Museum.

"We Wear the Mask" stages the contradictions inherent in representations of race and in American culture as a whole—as exemplified by the Dorsky Museum Collection. Dorsky Curator and Exhibitions Manager, Anna Conlan and Jean-Marc Superville Sovak, Guest Curator for "We Wear the Mask" join us to tell us more.

Albany Symphony Logo
Albany Symphony / Albany Symphony

The Albany Symphony has unveiled its reimagined 2020-2021 season, which will include breath-taking world premieres, concertos with brilliant soloists, as well as iconic masterworks. Curated by Grammy Award-winning conductor David Alan Miller, the season brings to life an amazing array of new and recent works by a panoply of fabulous living composers who are forging new ways to create art reflecting our time and place, major masterpieces by Beethoven, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, and others.

The newly reimagined season will be presented virtually to ensure safety for concert patrons. As restrictions are lifted, live audiences will be invited back into the concert hall. All concerts will be performed live, in real time, on Capital Region stages, by Albany Symphony musicians conducted by Music Director, David Alan Miller.

GLENS FALLS – A definition of unique is to experience something that no one else in the world is sharing. In his curtain calls at Adirondack Theatre Festival in Glens Falls, Artistic-Producing Director Chad Rabinovitz always pointed out that this is what made the theater company special. They specialized in offering original work. They were all unique experiences.

Rogovoy Report 10/2/20

Oct 2, 2020

The cultural highlights in our region this weekend include indie-pop, folk, plywood paintings, sculpture … plus a whole lot more.

Molly Lotano

SARATOGA SPRINGS – My description of the perfect fall day is sitting outdoors in a public park watching talented performers in a play that is funny, wise and thought provoking.

Audrey Kupferberg: The Photograph And The Public

Sep 29, 2020

Motion pictures take us in many different directions.  Through our viewing experiences, we see parts of the world to which we will never travel and meet people with eccentricities we will never otherwise encounter.  Sometimes a film will be about the places to which we have traveled and about people who are very much the same as ourselves or the folks in the next town over.  When done right, the characters and storylines in those films can be as engaging and at times even as explosive as more imaginative and exotic movies.

"Infinite Uncertainty" is a new exhibition on view in the Opalka Gallery at the Sage College in Albany, New York. It showcases artists at work in a changing world: new projects initiated, old ones revisited, creative bursts and detours in practice. Selected from over 250 submissions, 33 regional artists attempt to make sense of this unprecedented time and its persistent, frightening and painful unknowns.

We welcome one of the jurors Julie Torres and Opalka Director Judie Gilmore.

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WAMC's Ian Pickus and resident quizzer Mike Nothnagel swap seats for a show inspired by the late RBG.

Audrey Kupferberg: The Trip to Greece And Happyish

Sep 25, 2020

The career of Oscar-nominated and BAFTA-winning actor/producer/writer Steve Coogan hit one of several high points a couple years ago with his interpretation of Stan Laurel, the great silent film comic, in his final years. Stan & Ollie is one of the few of Coogan’s most memorable projects on which he seemingly did not have creative control.  Among Coogan’s outstanding works—where he clearly had control as actor/producer/writer-- is Philomena from 2013, a drama about an elderly woman, played by Judi Dench, who seeks knowledge of the child she once bore and who was taken away while she was being held in a nightmarish convent. 

Rogovoy Report 9/25/20

Sep 25, 2020

The cultural highlights in our region this weekend include roots-music, folk, Baroque, jazz, classical, and a whole lot more.

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Whether it be a gorgeous IMAX film, an amateur home movie, or anything in-between, we’ve all experienced the value of a musical soundtrack while viewing beautiful scenes of nature.

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WAMC's Ian Pickus and resident quizzer Mike Nothnagel look for a missing piece.

Rogovoy Report 9/18/20

Sep 18, 2020

The cultural highlights in our region this weekend include R&B, gospel, roots-music, outdoor dance, art, and a whole lot more.

On September 21, the Saratoga Performing Arts Center will present Ellen Reid SOUNDWALK, a GPS-enabled work of public art in the Saratoga Spa State Park that uses music to illuminate the natural environment.

Created by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Ellen Reid and co-commissioned by Saratoga Performing Arts Center as part of its SPAC REIMAGINED 2020 season, Ellen Reid SOUNDWALK is an immersive audio experience tailor-made for the Saratoga Spa State Park. The installation will remain accessible in the park until November 1.

Co-commissioner The New York Philharmonic presented the World Premiere of Ellen Reid SOUNDWALK on September 10 in New York City's Central Park.

Composer Ellen Reid won the 2019 Pulitzer Prize in Music for her opera, "p r i s m."

Rogovoy Report 9/11/20

Sep 18, 2020

The cultural highlights in our region this weekend include chamber music, orchestral music, experimental movement, jazz-funk, choral music, and a whole lot more.

Proctors Theatre in Troy during the June Black Lives Matter
Hart Cluett Museum

SARATOGA SPRINGS – In a typical year, Labor Day is a sign that summer entertainment is over. This year, the passing of Labor Day is a reminder that it really didn’t happen.