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#1641: Afterschool programs and media literacy

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Afterschool Alliance

After school programs around the country are having the same issue as a lot of business: finding enough qualified staff members. This was a problem even before the pandemic, but a new survey from the Afterschool Alliance shows 87% of afterschool programs are concerned about finding and keeping staff, and more than half have had to put interested families on waiting lists. Today on The Best Of Our Knowledge, a discussion on the current state of after school programs.

Then, from TV, podcasts and video games to countless social media platforms, young people are constantly bombarded with media all day long. How much of that do they actually understand, and how young should we start teaching them. According to the nonprofit organization Media Literacy Now, media literacy should be taught in K – 12 all over the country. We'll talk about their new policy paper.

One reason we need younger people to learn about media literacy is that younger people are spending a lot more time in front of screens. That’s the topic of this week’s Academic Minute.

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