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Strange Universe: We meet Pluto 7/31/22

Pluto stood at opposition last week, meaning it’s now at its brightest of the year. But that's not good enough. It's so dim, even large backyard telescopes show it as a faint speck lost among the zillions of other dots in Sagittarius. At magnitude 14.3, Pluto is 600 times fainter than the dimmest naked-eye stars.

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    We are now at the new moon phase of the lunar cycle. This means all week we will be seeing crescents at twilight rather than full darkness and always low in the sky.
  • Sunday night, May 15, we see a total eclipse of the moon. It is especially welcome because for the last couple of years every lunar eclipse has been penumbral, meaning the moon failed to touch even the edge of Earth’s shadow.
  • Can you name worthy sky-spectacles that don’t require knowledge of constellations, any equipment like a telescope or even binoculars, that are easy to find and strikingly fascinating? Most would cite eclipses, auroras, and meteor showers as filling all those check-boxes. But there’s one more category. Bright conjunctions! Tune in to hear about dazzling conjunctions and what makes them so spectacular.