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Her Story, Now: Mentoring Program Targets Minority Women: Sistahs in Science


Albany, NY – Sistahs In Science (Sistahs) is a student organization for minority women in the sciences, co-founded about five years ago by Dr. Sheila Browne, Professor of Chemistry at Mount Holyoke College and recipient of the 1998 Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering in Mentoring. Sistahs demonstrates how to start and successfully operate a science mentoring program for minority women. Sistahs has more than 50 women science majors and offers peer mentoring, tutoring, and workshops to increase academic and career success. Nearly 30 science faculty serve as mentors. With only about 20% of U.S. Scientists being women, and an even smaller number being minority, Sistahs works to recruit, retain, and enable minority women to succeed and thrive in the scientific community.