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Northeast Report and Northeast Report Late Edition are two half-hour magazines of news and information, aired every weekday from 3:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. just before All Things Considered, and again from 6:05 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. just before Marketplace.

Northeast Report features reports from the award-winning WAMC News team, plus commentary, arts news and interviews, the latest weather forecast, and an afternoon business wrap-up. The program is hosted by WAMC's Associate News Director Jim Levulis. 

Senator Patrick Leahy
WAMC/Pat Bradley

Vermont U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy hosted a roundtable discussion this week with state leaders on broadband and the opportunity to improve access with American Rescue Plan funds.

A yellow banner on a telephone pole that reads "downtown Bennington" against a blue sky.
Josh Landes / WAMC

Two former residents of Bennington, Vermont, have filed a complaint with the state’s Human Rights Commission. They claim the town unlawfully retaliated against them after they spoke out against racist treatment by town police.

Ian Pickus / WAMC

A return to warmer weather marks the return of illegal dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles to city streets in the Northeast. Albany is taking a hardline approach in its efforts to ban the vehicles.

I assume everyone reading this already knows the basis of the Republican opposition to the Infrastructure Bill proposed by President Biden. One after the other, Republicans are falling all over themselves asserting that it goes “way beyond infrastructure.” For example, let’s take South Dakota Governor, Kristi Noem who said, "I was shocked by how much doesn't go into infrastructure.

Garett Argianas' Evening Forecast

21 hours ago

Meteorologist Garett Argianas delivers the evening weather forecast for Thursday, April 8, 2021.

Vermont Statehouse  (file photo)
Pat Bradley/WAMC

In 1777, Vermont became the first state to include a provision in its Constitution prohibiting slavery.  But it was a partial ban that the state is now working to amend.

Ron Kim speaks in Saratoga Springs
Lucas Willard / WAMC

Another candidate for mayor of Saratoga Springs has officially entered the race. And as he’s a veteran of city politics.

Assemblyman Ron Kim, a Queens Democrat, spoke at a rally to celebrate the inclusion of new taxes on the wealthy and increased school funding in the state budget, at a rally outside the State Capitol on April 7, 2021.
Karen DeWitt

Progressive Democrats in the New York state legislature took a victory lap Wednesday, after passing a $212 billion budget that achieves many of their long-term goals, including a substantial increase in taxes on the wealthy and the fulfillment of a 15-year-old court order to fully fund schools. Meanwhile, Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, embroiled in several scandals, put the best face on items that did not go his way.  

Keith Strudler: Take Me Out To The Crowd

Apr 7, 2021

I almost went to a Yankees game this weekend. Sunday, to be specific, driven by the nearly intoxicating prospect of sitting in a real stadium watching live sports under nearly 70-degree sunlight. It felt like a moment from a dystopian film when the lead character gets to eat a real vegetable for the first time in decades. Despite that dreamy prospect, I ended up not going, many because my kids didn’t want to and because there was a lot of protocol we’d need to arrange in advance, namely getting rapid Covid tests a few hours before the game. So we ended up going putt putt golfing instead, which for the record I won. But for a fleeting moment, I was able to contemplate what it might be like to be back in a sports stadium just like the good old day in 2019, $40 parking and all.

Garett Argianas' Evening Forecast

Apr 7, 2021

Meteorologist Garett Argianas delivers the evening weather forecast for Wednesday, April 7, 2021.

Vermont Forward Graphic
State of Vermont

Governor Phil Scott outlined Tuesday what he is calling the Vermont Forward Plan: a roadmap to opening the state by July 4th.

The New York State Capitol
Jackie Orchard / WAMC

Nearly a week after it was due, Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York State’s legislative leaders have announced final agreement on a $212 billion budget deal. 

Nelson Martinez hasn't been homeless for three years but keeps close ties with the mission. He says getting the shot was painless.
Dave Lucas / WAMC

Albany County ran a COVID-19 vaccine clinic for homeless individuals at the Capital City Rescue Mission in Albany Tuesday.

Lawyers can get cynical, especially in fields they see up close. A judge called me over in the halls of a courthouse to tell me he believed what one of my clients said. And when I asked him why he didn’t acquit him, the judge said, “I couldn’t do that to the police.” My client went to jail so the police wouldn’t be embarrassed. Other judges told me they believed the police only half the time – but they didn’t know which half. Their decisions suggested it never mattered. A federal Marshall told me he would not tell the truth about theft by cops even if I subpoenaed him. Police in a course designed for them who told me they arrested Black people carrying hunting rifles in a completely legal and unthreatening manner, realizing they themselves were violating the law they were sworn to protect. You can get pretty cynical.

Garett Argianas' Evening Forecast

Apr 6, 2021

Meteorologist Garett Argianas delivers the evening weather forecast for Tuesday, April 6, 2021.

prescription bottles

     The Republican governor of Massachusetts and the Democratic governor of Connecticut are bipartisan cross-border allies in an attempt to control the rising costs of prescription drugs.

"Conceptual Agreement" On Late NYS Budget

Apr 5, 2021
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
Pat Bradley / WAMC

Five days into the new fiscal year, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders say they have a “conceptual agreement” on a new state budget. If the deal holds, it would include $4 billion dollars’ worth of new taxes, including new higher income tax brackets on millionaires and a tax increase for some large corporations.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand speaks with Hoosick Falls residents
Lucas Willard / WAMC

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand hosted a roundtable discussion with community leaders and advocates Monday in Hoosick Falls where she provided details on new legislation intended to address PFAS contamination and require medical monitoring for those affected by pollution. 

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy gives his daily coronavirus briefing.

Officials are keeping a close eye on coronavirus cases, watching for any uptick following the Easter and Passover holidays. It comes as New York opens up vaccine eligibility to those 16 and up Tuesday.

As Albany moved closer to a budget deal, a new controversy emerged.  According to reporting in the New York Times and the Buffalo News, Governor Cuomo’s pandemic leadership book deal was likely worth $4 million.  This reporting also raised a new wrinkle – that the governor’s staff was involved in pulling together the draft of that book and pitching it to publishers and the public.

Garett Argianas' Evening Forecast

Apr 5, 2021

Meteorologist Garett Argianas delivers the evening weather forecast for Monday, April 5, 2021.

a bar graph of covid cases.
Paul Tuthill / WAMC

     Springfield, Massachusetts is again at high risk for community spread of the coronavirus. 

Albany Skyway rendering by Stantec

In 2018, the city of Albany was given more than $3 million in state funding to turn a lightly traveled interstate ramp into an elevated park giving pedestrians and bicyclists access to the Hudson River. Here's an update on the Albany Skyway.

Vermont Statehouse
WAMC/Pat Bradley

Administration officials presenting Vermont’s regular Friday COVID-19 update discussed an increase in cases among younger residents. The governor also responded to a move by the House Speaker to deal with the state’s ailing pension fund.

Under a photo of a protest with sign-holding attendees and next to the town seal, it says "Fiscal 2022 Municipal Budget July 1st, 2021 - June 30th, 2022"
Town of Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Residents of Great Barrington, Massachusetts weighed in this week on the town’s proposed fiscal year 2022 budget.

Garett Argianas' Evening Forecast

Apr 2, 2021

Meteorologist Garett Argianas delivers the evening weather forecast for Friday, April 2, 2021.

Senator Chuck Schumer, Warren County Board of Supervisors Chair Rachel Seeber, and Glens Falls Mayor Dan Hall
Lucas Willard / WAMC

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer paid a visit to Glens Falls today to tout the benefits of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan stimulus package signed by President Biden.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaking in Albany Dec. 2, 2020.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo could have violated state ethics laws, according to allegations in newspaper accounts that he used his staff to help him write a book on how he managed the COVID-19 pandemic, and gave his family and politically connected associates priority access to coronavirus tests. But, the state’s ethics commission, which has the power to investigate the allegations, has a poor track record investigating claims of corruption.

Father Bob Longobucco of St. Kateri’s Catholic Church in Niskayuna gives communion to masked parishioners during a socially distanced service.
Jackie Orchard / WAMC

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed an unprecedented challenge for religious leaders, forcing most services to go remote and fragmenting once tight-knit communities. The logistics may have been a challenge, but their faith is stronger than ever.

Courtesy of Riverkeeper

The New York state Department of Public Service held two public hearings Wednesday on an application to repower the Danskammer power plant in Orange County’s Town of Newburgh, along the Hudson River. The virtual hearings drew hundreds of commenters, with many opposing the proposal. WAMC’s Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Allison Dunne has the second part of our story.