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The Hudson River Sampler on September 18, 1982.  She began listening to the type of music she broadcasts more than six decades ago, at the feet of her father, who was a schoolmate of members of the famous Carter Family in southwestern Virginia.  Although her father was from southwestern Virginia, her mother was a Bostonian, and she grew up in the Boston area.  In the 1960s, Wanda frequented a number of the now-legendary coffeehouses, such as the Club 47, the Unicorn, the Sword in the Stone and the Golden Vanity, and had the opportunity to see the budding careers of such folk music greats as Tom Rush, Tom Paxton, the Jim Kweskin Jug Band, Eric Andersen, James Taylor, and so many others.  In 1967, she attended the Newport Folk Festival and heard a young Arlo Guthrie perform a song about avoiding the draft--"Alice's Restaurant."

Wanda is also a singer and sometimes songwriter in her own right and has recorded one CD, "Singing Along with the Radio" (what else could it be called?).  She is often invited to MC folk music events and attends annual folk music conferences, such as the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance and the International Folk Alliance.

In 2005, the Capital District folk music organization, the Pick 'n' and Sing 'n' Gather 'n' selected Wanda to receive its annual Lena Spencer award in recognition of her work to promote folk and acoustic music in the area. 

If you have questions about the music played on the show, or would like to make a request, please send Wanda an e-mail at

Sawyer Fredericks
Wanda Fisher | WAMC

Over the weekend, The Voice's Sawyer Fredericks joined WAMC's Wanda Fischer on the Hudson River Sampler to talk his new album, his time on The Voice, his roots in the region, and perform a few of his songs too.

Every year, I select a few of my favorite CDs of the past year. These are some of the CDs I especially liked that came out during 2016. This is not a comprehensive list—only some that I would like to point out to listeners. We received hundreds of CDs this year at WAMC, so narrowing it down to this list was difficult, to say the least!

These are listed in alphabetical order by artist, so there is no “top” CD on the list. I hope you enjoy them!

                                                          --Wanda Fischer

Every year, WAMC  receives hundreds of CDs  of new music for consideration for airplay for The Hudson River Sampler.  These may arrive via the mail, or sometimes I pick them up directly from the artists at the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance meeting in Kerhonksen, New York, in November, or at the Folk Alliance International meeting in Kansas City in February.