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Each week on The Book Show, host Joe Donahue interviews authors about their books, their lives and their craft. It is a celebration of both reading and writers. 

As the son of a librarian, Joe has been part of the book world since childhood. His first job was as a library assistant, during college he was a clerk at an independent book store and for the past 25 years he has been interviewing authors about their books on the radio.

He is also the host of The Roundtable on WAMC Northeast Public Radio, a 3-hour general interest talk show. Notable authors he has interviewed include: Kurt Vonnegut, John Irving, John Updike, Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, Arthur Miller, Stephen King, Amy Tan, Anne Rice, Philip Roth, E.L Doctorow, Richard Russo, David Sedaris and Maya Angelou. 

Joe  has won several awards for his interviews, including honors from the Associated Press, the Edward R. Murrow Awards, the New York State Association of Broadcasters, The Headliners, The National Press Club and the Scripps-Howard Foundation. 

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Albany, NY – This week on The Book Show, bestselling author Lisa See talks about her new novel "Peony in Love." The novel, which is already appearing on bestseller lists, takes readers back to seventeenth-century China. It combines a love story that survives past death with a history of cloistered women and the true story of their work as writers in a famous Chinese book and opera.

Albany, NY – This week on The Book Show, Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina talks with Scottish author James Robertson about his new novel "The Testament of Gideon Mack." In Robertson's novel, a faithless Scottish clergyman meets the devil and finds he's nothing like what he expected. After being suspended from the Church and shunned as a madman, Gideon disappears. The case is considered closed until a publisher receives what appears to be Gideon's memoir of his experience and the unusual life that preceded it.

Albany, NY – Eric Kraft's novel "Taking Off" is the first in a comic trilogy. It was fifty years ago that young Peter Leroy made local history by apparently flying a homemade plane from Long Island to New Mexico. Now, his hometown has fallen on hard times and is being transformed into a theme park commemorating Peter's flight. The time has come for Peter to return home and set the record straight.

Albany, NY – Stephen Carter is a well known Yale Law professor who turned novelist a few years ago, publishing the bestseller "The Emperor of Ocean Park."
His much anticipated new novel, "New England White" takes place during a winter season when the black president of an Ivy League university and his wife come upon the body of a famous economist, with whom his wife had a relationship. The trail keeps leading back to a mysterious death 30-years earlier.

Albany, NY – This week on The Book Show, Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina talks with Howard Frank Mosher about his new novel, "On Kingdom Mountain." Mosher has written a terrific heroin into his latest novel, which takes place in Vermont in the 1930's. Jane Hubbell Kinneson is a bookseller, hunter, fisherwoman, woodcarver and guardian of the mountain that has been in her family for generations. But one day an aviator flies into her life seeking buried treasure.

Albany, NY – Diana Abu-Jaber is known for her books with Middle Eastern subjects, but now her her new novel, "Origin," follows a police lab technician in Syracuse, New York, as she tries to solve a mysterious series of babies' deaths, as well as the mystery of her own birth and origins.

Albany, NY – This week on The Book Show, Gretchen talks with Rebecca Stott about her novel "Ghostwalk." The historical page-turner combines science, the supernatural and real history. It's the little known story of Isaac Newton as an alchemist and a modern woman who tries to unravel the mysteries of the past. It's set in both modern and 17th-century Cambridge, England.

Albany, NY – Sherman Alexi has just published his first novel in 10-years. In Flight, a lonely time-traveling 15-year old boy races through confrontations throughout American history while struggling to find his place in the world.

Albany, NY – This week on the Book Show, host Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina welcomes Lois Gordon, author of the new biography "Nancy Cunard." Nancy Cunard was one of the most fascinating women of the 20th century. She was the heir to the Cunard shipping fortune who abandon the world of a celebrated socialite and jazz age icon to pursue a lifelong battle against social injustice. Lois Gordon talks about the life of Nancy Cunard and her new biography, "Nancy Cunard: Heiress, Muse, Political Idealist."

Albany, NY – This week on The Book Show, host Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina interviews Anita Shreve.
Counted as one of America's most popular and best selling authors, Shreve's books include "The Pilots Wife," "The Weight of Water," "Fortunes Rocks," and many others. She joins Gretchen to talk about her latest novel, "Body Surfing."

Albany, NY – This week on The Book Show, host Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina, talks with Ron Carlson about his novel "Five Skies." The novel is set in a remote section of Idaho where three men, all emotionally damaged and at different stages in life, come together for a summer-long construction project.

Albany, NY – This week on The Book Show, Gretchen talks with author Patricia Volk about her new novel "To My Dearest Friends." It's a book about two very different women who are brought together by the last will and testament of a mutual friend. Set in New York City, the book deals with the complexity of friendship and the use and abuse of secrets.

Albany, NY – This week on The Book Show, Gretchen talks with author Nathaniel Philbrick about his latest book "Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War." The National Book Award winner and finalist for the 2007 Pulitzer Prize in History examines the history of Plymouth colony and brings into focus a period of American history often clouded in mythology.

Albany, NY – This week on The Book Show, host Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina talks with first time novelist Marish Pessel. Pessel talks about the success of her debut novel Special Topics in Calamity Physics, a clever murder mystery about a high school student who lives with her rambling professor father - that culminates with a final exam.

Albany, NY – This week on the book show, author Hermione Lee talks about her biography Edith Wharton. Lee talks about how Edith Wharton defied societal expectations for a woman of her upper class New York heritage by becoming an intellectual, a divorcee, and one of America's finest writers.

Albany, NY – This week on The Book Show, Gretchen talks with author Elise Blackwell about her new novel, The Unnatural History of Cypress Parish. In the novel an accomplished scientist looks back in old age at the pivotal summer in 1927 when, as a teenager in southern Louisiana, floods threatened to inundate the towns along the Mississippi.

Albany, NY – This week on The Book Show, Getchen talks with author Jack Larkin about his book Where We Lived: Discovering the Places We Once Called Home . In his new book, Larkin revisits the architecture of America from 1775 to 1840 and shows how each part of the nation created its own landscape as people adapted their old traditions to their new climate and terrain.

Albany, NY – Author Matthew Sharpe talks about his new novel Jamestown on this edition of The Book Show. His darkly comical novel is set in the not too distant future where a post-apocalyptic world has descend into chaos

Albany, NY – Tracy Chevalier, best known for her novel "Girl With a Pearl Earring," takes on the story of poet and visionary William Blake in her newest novel, "Burning Bright."

Albany, NY – This week on the Book Show, Gretchen talks with historian Michael Wallis about his fascinating book "Billy the Kid, the Endless Ride." Wallis sifts through the fact and fiction and explains why "the kid" has remained one of our most popular and most mythologized folk heros.

Albany, NY – This week on The Book Show, Gretchen talks with Adam Sisman about his new book "The Friendship: Wordsworth and Coleridge" which looks at the relationship between two of England's most famous and influential poets, William Wordsworth and Taylor Coleridge. Sisman talks about their lives in 1790's Europe, their writing, their friendship, the events that led to their falling out and what made their collaboration so special.

Albany, NY – This week on The Book Show, Gretchen talks with Laila Halaby about her new book, "Once in a Promised Land." Her novel tells the story of a Jordanian couple living in Arizona who face their own disintegrating marriage, personal tragedy, and public recrimination in the wake of 9/11. Halaby talks about her novel and her own life in a changing America.

Albany, NY – This week on The Book Show, author Chris Bohjalian talks about his novel The Double Bind. Bohjalin describes his latest novel as a literary thriller. It follows a young social worker who survives a brutal attack and her obsession with uncovering a dark secret.

Albany, NY – Host Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina talks with author Matt Haig about his new novel "The Dead Fathers Club," a new twist on Shakespeare's "Hamlet". Haig talks about his life as a writer and how he developed the characters and themes in his latest novel. Haig creatively reanimates themes from Hamlet with an 11-year old British protagonist who is commissioned to avenge his father's murder.

Albany, NY – This week on The Book Show, biographer extraordinaire Claire Tomalin talks about her new book, "Thomas Hardy," a life of the author of "Tess of the D'Urbervilles" and "Return of the Native. Tomalin tells us what she learned about Thomas Hardy's life, his childhood, his relationship with his parents, his marriage and most importantly his writing.

Albany, NY – This week on The Book Show, Gretchen talks with scholar and poet William W. Cook. It's a discussion about the book Harlem Speaks: A Living History of the Harlem Renaissance and features selections from the accompanying CD. Cook talks about the Harlem Renaissance, what it was, where it came from and why it was important

Albany, NY – This week, Gretchen talks with National Geographic photographer Michael Nichols about the book "The Last Place on Earth." The book includes photographs taken by Nichols which document the wildlife living in one of the last uncharted African forests. Nichols describes how he used infrared camera traps, tree stands, and ingenuity to capture photographs of wild creatures, never before seen. The project led to the creation of 13 national parks, established to protect the wildlife documented by Nichols and environmentalist Michael Fay.

Albany, NY – This week, Gretchen talks with author Barbara Ehrenreich about her new book Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy, which explores ancient and more modern expressions of collective joy. Ehrenreich's book looks at the way we are innately social beings, impelled almost instinctively to share our joy.

Albany, NY – Tolstoy wrote that all happy families were alike, and only unhappy families differed. Rachel Kadish takes on this saying in her novel "Tolstoy Lied," which focuses on a 33 year old assistant professor, happily single and up for tenure, who's life gets derailed by a proposal of marriage.

Albany, NY – This week, Gretchen talks with author Deborah Cohen about her book "Household Gods: The British and their Possessions". The book chronicles one hundred years of British interiors and looks at the way the British developed their mania for interiors, furniture, and decoration. Cohen talks about the role of morality and religion in the way people think about their homes and their possessions, explores the current state of consumerism in America, and much more.