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In America, women make up more than half the population. Worldwide, women are expected to outnumber men within the next fifty years - and every issue we face is one that affects us all. 

Whether it's the environment, health, our children, politics or the arts, there's a women's perspective, and 51% is a show dedicated to that viewpoint. 

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Albany, NY – There's a lot of chaos in the world, a lot of uncertainty and a lot of change. So when Dr. Sharon Ufberg told me this week's Alive and Kicking was all about learning to embrace change, it seemed like just what we all needed.

6:36 Alive and Kicking Doughty - Ufberg

Albany, NY – Politicians, and particularly Washington politicians, aren't enjoying great public opinion these days. The loud and highly publicized battles over the national debt have sent public opinion of both parties plummeting. What we sometimes forget is that these are just people. But if you go to the Capitol building, talk to the very first curator of the House of Representatives collection. She's enthusiastically tracking down the artwork and artifacts that put a human face on our policymakers.

6:05 House of Reps PRX

Albany, NY – There's been a lot of talk about pay parity and the glass ceiling for women in the workplace. You may be surprised to learn that a new study shows that women actually work fewer hours than men but they get the same amount of work done AND make less money. Personal finance expert Manisha Thakor has more.

4:53 White House Study Thakor

Manisha Thakor is a personal finance expert and founder of the Women's Financial Literacy Institute. Find out more at manishathakor.com

Albany, NY – It's hard to imagine being happy when you're sick - particularly when you've been sick for a long time. But that's what author Toni Bernhard proposes in her book "How to Be Sick." Dr. Sharon Ufberg, our wellness correspondent from California's Napa Valley, spoke with her about how Buddhist philosophy and acceptance can make being sick, or being the caretaker of someone who is sick, just a small part of your life story.

8:37 Toni Bernhard Ufberg

The book is "How to Be Sick." The author is Toni Bernhard.

Albany, NY – Olympic wrestling - do those words conjure up a picture of female athletes? There are a group of determined women who believe they do. They're struggling against not just gender bias, but religious taboos they're the Turkish wrestling team and their sport outrages many in their Islamist country. 51%'s Bijoyeta Das reports from Turkey.

4:24 Turkish Wrestlers Das

Albany, NY – Small towns across America may soon lose a part of their identity. Up to 3,000 post offices are targeted for closure because of the US Post Office's budget troubles. Eleven community post offices are on the line in Colorado, and for residents in the town of New Raymer the move is raising a slew of questions, sparking anger and some introspection about whether a town is really a town without a post office. KUNC's Grace Hood has more.

4:13 Post Office Closure Hood

Albany, NY – Julie Keene harvests snails for a living, but she's had to give that up. Julie's given up her only source of income to wage a lonely fight to save her snails and her community's way of life.

8:33 Snails

That report from Salt Radio.

Albany, NY – Have you heard about the link between anti-depressants and cancer? 51% is happy to introduce you to Dr. Sharon Ufberg, an integrative health care journalist and global women's activist who hosts a regular wellness feature on KVON/KVYN in Napa Valley. Today she begins a feature we're calling Alive and Kicking.

5:18 Ufberg/Cancer

Albany, NY – Studies estimate as many as 6 million people are hoarders - they collect and save to the point where their lives are dominated by their stuff. It's often a problem with the elderly, whose habit of saving escalates into a problem that's not only unsanitary - it's unsafe. But sometimes hoarding is the result of a mental problem. Some studies link it to obsessive compulsive disorder. It's still a mystery and one that is hard to empathize with when it's obvious that collecting has gone out of control.

Albany, NY – We're eating processed foods, exercising too little, stressing out more, and developing chronic health problems younger and younger. Do you wonder if it's too late to make a change? Susun Weed is an herbalist, teacher and author who is convinced the answer is simple - remember what our grandparents and their grandparents knew about natural medicine. We chatted about herbs, food, and her new book about reproductive health.

8:45 Susun Weed

Albany, NY – In mid-May, coordinated Palestinian protests against the Israeli occupation led to violence. Ten protesters died after reportedly being shot by Israeli soldiers. But behind the headlines are people - people interviewed by an Israeli woman. Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta has written a book called "Refusing to Be Enemies."

11:30 Kaufman LacustaI Barnett

Albany, NY – It's been said that the moral test of any society is how it treats its weakest members. In Florida, tens of thousands of people live in the state's nearly 3-thousand assisted-living facilities. A year-long collaborative investigation by the Miami Herald and public radio station WLRN has turned up at least 70 questionable deaths due to caretaker neglect in Florida assisted-living facilities over the past decade. As the nation ages, Florida is a case study for how the U.S. cares for the elderly. Kenny Malone reports

Albany, NY – Since the country's foreclosure crisis began in 2007, at least two million people have lost their homes. In the Bay Area of California, more than 70,000 homes are currently in some stage of foreclosure. And even though the economy might be getting better, they're still happening.

Albany, NY – UN Women is dedicated to global gender equality and the empowerment of women. But that's a complicated issue, one not achieved by simply voting for an idealistic set of guidelines. Empowerment means having clout - and that means having economic clout. So encouraging women to get into business, to take their own financial futures in their hands is key.

Albany, NY – The idea of setting aside a special day to honor our mothers is certainly not new. But did you know the special history of the day in the US was related to feminism and the peace movement? Carla Goldstein, Director of the Omega Women's Institute in New York explains.

5:28 Mother's Day Goldstein

Carla Goldstein is Director of the Omega Women's Institute in New York. Find out more at eomega.com

Albany, NY – It is impossible to overestimate the importance of adults in a child's life. Mothers know how big a part they play in their child's life - and how the example they set creates an imprint that lasts a lifetime. But author Selena Rezvani says fathers need to remember that they're important to their daughters, too.

4:50 The Daughter Effect Rezvani

Selena Rezvani is an author and lecturer. You can find out more at nextgenwomen.com.

Albany, NY – One thing we can thank the Internet for is access to information about where we came from. Not just geographically, but ancestrally. Websites that give us access to ships records, census records, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates now make it possible to do research that used to mean travel to distant towns to see records first hand. And shows like Who Do You Think You Are, are feeding our thirst to know more. Megan Smolenyak is the genealogist whose work inspired that show.

9:50 Megan Smolenyak

Albany, NY –
Dr. Helen Caldicott, physician and vocal anti-nuclear campaigner, spoke by phone with journalist Claudia Cragg after the 2007 6.8 earthquake in Japan which hit the world's largest nuclear power plant at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa. That is not the same plant affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami it's a different one. And back in 2007, Dr. Caldicott was warning that the worries in Japan should be shared at California's nuclear plants.

8:52 Japan Quake Caldicott

Albany, NY – The United States considers itself the model for a democratic society - and yet our businesses are far behind the rest of the world in recognizing the needs of families. The United States is one of the only countries in the world that doesn't offer paid parental leave. Veteran public radio reporter Anne Garrels looks at what this means for American families.

6:06 Planned Family Leave - PRX

That report comes to us from Rights Watch Radio, produced by Human Rights Watch.

Albany, NY – Italian women started marching in the streets at around the same time as revolution in Egypt but this is a drama that's still playing out. Correspondent Nancy Greenlease reports on street protests over the sex scandal involving Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

5:19 Italy Greenlease

Albany, NY – The news that Egypt's protesters had toppled a thirty year regime was a moment of jubilation here's reporter Heba Morayef on the scene

:19 celebration

Albany, NY – Environmental activists and safe food advocates are up in arms over a decision by the USDA to allow unrestricted planting of genetically engineered alfalfa. It's not the first crop that's been genetically engineered by chemical giant Monsanto to allow heavy pesticide use, but it's perhaps the most threatening so far, with opponents calling it the beginning of genetic pollution of not only crops, but the animals and people who eat them. Page Tomaselli is a staff attorney with the Center for Food Safety.

Albany, NY – Majora Carter is an environmental activist and the founder of Sustainable South Bronx. She spearheaded the creation of a riverside park on what had been a garbage dump. Her organization then began a green training and jobs placement program. She was named a MacArthur fellow in 2005 and has piled up the awards since then. She went into the private sector and started her own company, but her focus is still on the environment. James Mill has this report.

8:32 Majora Carter