Welch's Wife Steps Aside From Comcast Case

Jul 28, 2016

Vermont Public Service Board member Margaret Cheney has announced she's stepping aside from a case in which cable giant Comcast is requesting a renewal of its state license.

The announcement comesĀ  after The Associated Press reported that while the case is pending before the board, Comcast's PAC has donated a total of $8,000 to the re-election campaign of Cheney's husband, Democratic Congressman Peter Welch.

Welch, meanwhile, issued a statement saying he would no longer take campaign contributions from companies or employees of companies with business before the Public Service Board.

The situation raised questions about whether the couple needed to take steps to avoid any appearance of improper influence over Cheney's actions as a board member created by campaign contributions to Welch.

Welch said he wants to eliminate any perception of influence going forward.

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