WAMC Listening Party Playlist 12/26/20 | WAMC

WAMC Listening Party Playlist 12/26/20

Dec 27, 2020

Playlist for Saturday, December 26th, 2020. 

Sympathy & Acknowledgement by Mark Isham
Album: Vapor Drawings

Conundrum (Live) by The David Boykin Outet
Album: Evidence Of Life On Other Planets Vol. 1

Babylonian Pearl by Can
Album: Flow Motion

Windows by Ambiance
Album: Into A New Journey

Asayake (Sunrise) by Casiopea
Album: Eyes Of The Mind

Phantasmagoria In Two by Tim Buckley
Album: Goodbye And Hello

Promised You A Miracle by Simple Minds
Album: New Gold Dream

Funky Doo (Live) by Eddie Harris
Album: High Voltage