WAMC Helps Those In Need, Environment In 19-Hour Fund Drive

Jun 6, 2017

WAMC Northeast Public Radio’s June Fund Drive mobilized more than 2,500 listeners to support the station, help provide hygiene products to those in need, and acquire carbon certificates to limit carbon emissions in the environment.

WAMC began the fund drive with a Locked Box containing more than $500,000 in donations and ended the June 2017 Fund Drive on 6/6/17, reaching the $1 million goal in just 19 hours.

This is second only to the February 2017 Fund Drive, when WAMC reached the goal in 11 hours. The drive also generated awareness about the need for personal hygiene products, which are usually not available in food pantries, and the significance of limiting carbon emissions.

“We are so grateful for the support we had in this Fund Drive,” said Dr. Alan Chartock, WAMC’s President and CEO. “One of my favorite stories from the February one-day Fund Drive was when another station called us to ask for our help. They wanted us to share our scripts, but I told them we have no scripts! I think we have been so successful because listeners speak to us and we have a conversation with them. When people like James and Kim Taylor, Natalie Merchant, and so many others lend what they can, it is always a community event. We have nothing but gratitude for all those people who put money into the Locked Box and into the actual Fund Drive, but my head is still reeling that it was this quick. We thank and love all of our listeners.”

Joe Donahue, WAMC’s Vice President of News and Programming said, “In a political climate that seems to be veering toward ‘going it alone,’ our listeners and supporters have once again shown the importance of coming together as a community. People helping others! Besides supporting the radio station and ensuring a strong future, we also partnered with the Food Pantries for the Capital District and the Seymour Fox Memorial Foundation to help those in need with personal care items. In addition, we worked with the Adirondack Council to help keep carbon from going into the air. The listeners, once again, showed the strength of community, caring and compassion.”