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VT U.S. Senator Sanders to Discuss Geothermal Energy

Apr 24, 2012

Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders on Monday outlined some of the successes of geothermal heating projects in Vermont.  More from WAMC’s North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley…

Senator Sanders said geothermal energy is helping heat more Vermont homes, businesses, and schools. 

He says investments in geothermal energy will reduce the $350 billion a year that Americans spend to import oil from foreign countries. 

Geothermal systems use underground temperatures to heat buildings in the winter and cool them in the summer.  It costs only one third as much as oil and tax credits are available to help defray installation costs. 

The systems are in use in a number of Vermont buildings, including an Interstate 89 rest area, and three Vermont National Guard buildings. 

Sanders says 99 percent of geothermal systems installed in the United State were manufactured here. 

I’m Pat Bradley, WAMC News.

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