Vox Pop : Sports and Sports Wagering with Ian Pickus : 3/20/12

Mar 20, 2012

For many, the month of March signals one of the most exciting events in U.S. sport – the NCAA men’s basketball division one tournament.

This year’s tourney in particular has scored high thus far on the madness-meter, with two 15 seeded teams, the Lehigh University Mountain Hawks and Norfolk State Spartans defeating number 2 seeded Duke Blue Devils and University of Missouri Tigers respectively.

Hours before what is considered the true start of the tournament, lawmakers in New York wrapped up some lunar antics of their own, passing a slew of key policies in an overnight session.

One of the measures passed last week approved the consideration of a constitutional amendment to allow up to seven casinos in the state, which could pave the way for legalized gambling on professional sports.

Today we want your take on the pros and cons of sports gambling and the latest sports news, whether it’s your NCAA brackets, or your outlook on this year’s baseball season, slated to begin in mere weeks.

Joining in on the discussion is WAMC’s Ian Pickus, a sports fan, sports reporter, and interviewer of sports and sports media icons. WAMC’s Ray Graf hosts.