Village Boundary Dispute Headed For Trial

Aug 15, 2014

Barton, Vermont
Credit Doug Kerr-Dougtone/Flickr

A 3-year-old dispute over the location of a Vermont village's southern boundary is headed to trial.

Roger and Donna Pion of Barton has filed suit against Barton Village.

The Caledonian Record reports the Pions have been paying village property taxes under protest for several years. They've appealed the village's decision in 2012 placing their home and five others within the village. They don't benefit from village services like municipal water and sewer service.

Their lawyer says the proper location of the southerly boundary line has been disputed for many years.

The Pions want the court to rule that the line falls north of their home, that their taxes were wrongfully collected, and that the village repay them, with interest.

A trial is expected in November.

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